Web Solutions

Web Solutions

Devising an ultimate medium

"We know what works for your target market". We make careful considerations to ensure that the aesthetics or overall design of a site blend with clarity and accuracy of the content, whether it is a B2B or B2C website. We are excited to portray the site of your business favourably with smooth interactions and user friendliness. (repetition)

In a globalized marketing environment, the web with its inherent characteristics like infinite reach for message dissemination, operational efficiency and minimal maintenance, is an ideal medium for targeting and transacting your products/services across the globe.

RSolutions, which is committed to customize web applications in conformity with its clients’ business models and requirements, has the competence to develop and implement cost effective, high-quality, mission-critical web solutions for businesses.

Website Design & Development

RSolutions can create an attractive, user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and professional looking website to support your marketing goals. The layout of the website is designed based on the required theme. Web-design includes designing of Templates, Graphics, Navigation of the website, Site map, etc. We design Flash Intros, Flash buttons, Flash animations, etc for further enhancement of the websites. Our services are very cost-effective and have been appreciated time and again by our clients.

RSolutions offers the full spectrum of web solutions-development which includes: front-end programming, design production services, database programming, back-end integration, multimedia services, etc.

RSolutions' web-development services offers end-users quality and robust services at affordable prices.

Portal Development

RSOLUTIONS’ team has specialized in the development of state-of-the-art Business to Business Portals (B2B) and Business to Customer portals (B2C). We offer you Aesthetics and designs along with complete resources to enhance your portal. Our resources range from Dynamic content like Public & Private Chat, Discussion Forum, to Email systems, Homepage systems, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), etc. We develop gluing and service delivery strategies for your portal.

RSolutions offers the full spectrum of web solutions-development which includes: front-end programming, design production services, database programming, back-end integration, multimedia services, etc.

We also undertake maintenance of portals with regular updates; redesign; enhancement of features; internet marketing and flow of content. RSOLUTIONS has already developed over 50 B2B & B2C portals for Indian and International customers across the globe.

E-Commerce Website Development

"Enabling business operations at the speed of thought"

The advent of e-commerce has ushered in a new revolution in the realm of commerce, enabling creation of sophisticated e-solutions to cover the entire gamut of commercial operations. This has increased efficiency in areas of production and optimized production costs, which has contributed to enterprise profits. There is no limit on how innovative the solutions can get, which has resulted in their growing importance in business operations (Forrester Research forecasts 300% annual growth in e-commerce business applications worldwide till 2020). RSOLUTIONS deems it a commitment to ensure its clients are kept abreast with the pace of technological innovations in the area of e-commerce, and enable them to operate ‘Businesses at the Speed of Thought’.

RSOLUTIONS’ E-Commerce offerings provide the most secure way for you and your customers to begin trading online. Using a secure server, SSL and PGP encryption, our E-Commerce solutions enables your customers to send credit card details, online banking information, email messages and take surveys over the Internet, with foolproof security. While earlier, e-commerce largely involved banking and financial transactions, future growth will be driven by business applications that support marketing and CRM initiatives, for all kinds of industries.

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Enabling Payment Gateway Services for Existing Websites & Portals

Online Payment Gateway Services

E-commerce initiatives when carried out for the first time, involve a steep learning curve and complexity of tasks. The exorbitant costs of e-commerce payment gateway solutions provided by premier financial institutions; the sheer volume of multiple software components and the challenge of integrating them all, can be quite discouraging.

If you are looking to set up an e-Commerce B2B or B2C portal, or looking at integrating cost-effective payment gateway services for your existing Portal/Website, please Contact us with your requirement. We can integrate Payment Gateway options from CCAvenue, VeriSign, CitiBank, ICICI, Billdesk, and Nationalized banks in India. Contact us for your custom software and web development needs

Hosting Solutions

Web Hosting

Hosting Solutions

Website & Web-Application Hosting Solutions

"Hosting made simple and affordable."

RSOLUTIONS offers excellent Co-located,Dedicated,Shared and Cloud Hosting facilities with unmatched combination of quality and economy. Explore the power of our web hosting facilities in Indian and US Servers.

Our hosting service provides superior security, excellent uptime and round-the-clock FTP access at affordable price.

Our technical support and value-added services provide backup redundancy to the business critical applications that are running. Explore the power you will have with our web-server and our support commitments.

Dedicated Hosting Services

What is Server Co-location?

Co-location option allows webmasters to exercise total control over their Internet server. We will place your server on our premises and will permit you to make use of our bandwidth and facilities. You retain complete control over your equipment, software and operating system and will be simply leasing the physical space, and high-grade, tier one network access, from us.

You require an Internet Server, and are solely responsible for pre-loading it with both the operating system and web server software that you desire. With co-location, we allocate your server: rack space, an Ethernet connection and IP numbers, as required. We provide you with an open (i.e. no bandwidth limitations) connection to our FE100 100 Mbps fibre connection.


What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting permits individuals and business to lease pre-configured, state-of-the-art equipment and connectivity from us. Instead of simply sharing server space on a virtual server, this service gives you the opportunity to lease an entire server for your own exclusive use.

With a dedicated server, you can exercise total control over your Web presence. You can choose the operating system and software you wish to use, and individualize settings for your multimedia and e-commerce requirements. This is a good choice for customers that require custom software or enhanced server control but do not want to make the significant up-front investment required in purchasing and housing their own server.


Shared Hosting Services

RSOLUTIONS offers website hosting options for various websites. Starting from small websites for users (starter hosting) who want to start a web presence for a first time, to high-end enterprise oriented hosting solutions (enterprise hosting). We bring you the advantage of hosting on fast servers maintained in Indian & US data centres. State-of-the-art internet data centres are benchmarked against global standards.

A variety of hosting platform operating system options including Windows, Linux and Java platforms are available to choose from.

RSOLUTIONS's key advantages in the web hosting domain are:

Superior bandwidth infrastructure ensuring faster connections.

A guarantee of 99.9% uptime.

Scalability and security to match your business growth.

State-of-the-art data centres in different locations in India and US.

24 x 7 technical assistance and round the clock monitoring.

For your Shared Hosting Services requirements, contact us and we'll get in touch base with you shortly with solutions for your requirements.

Cloud Based Hosting Services

RSOLUTIONS offers cloud based website hosting options from various service providers like Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Intel, Net4 and others.

Cloud Server Specs

No upfront investment on Hardware

Provides the flexibility of Dedicated Server at the price of Shared Hosting

Full Administrative Rights

Provides faster recovery in case of failure

Choice of Linux and Windows OS Editions

Hosting in ISO 27001 certified Data centre

Multi-Core Hardware and High performance SAN infrastructure


Enhancements To Existing Solutions


Solution(s) Enhancements

RSolutions can bring life to your existing applications. You can Contact us for any of the following enhancements required in your existing application or solution.

  • Provide an attractive, user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and professional looking website to enhance your marketing goals. We'll design the layout of your website based on the required theme and market segment targeted.

  • Designing Flash Intros, Flash buttons, Flash animations, etc for further enhancement of websites.

  • Enabling Dynamic content like Public/Private Chat, Discussion Forum, etc. to your static website.

  • Integrating your CRM/SRM (Customer/Supplier Relationship Management) system with your website.

  • Linking your existing Product Catalogue with your website and your back-end inventory.

  • Integrating Product Catalogue on your website with Payment Gateway Services.

  • Online Order Management & Processing System.

  • Online Dispatch Tracking System.

  • Online Inventory & Billing System.

  • Online HR Automation System.

  • Many more solutions customized to your Business Needs.

RSolutions offers full spectrum of web-services as one solution. This includes: front-end programming, design production services, database programming, back-end integration, multimedia services, etc.

RSolutions' web development services offer your end-users quality and robust services at affordable prices.

Maintainence and Support

Maintenance & Support

RSOLUTONS would keep your website current and effective, which is just as important as developing it initially. Website Maintenance not only includes updating company news and product information, but also analyzing its performance and administrating corrective action. These tasks can be overwhelming for those without the time or experience to deal with them properly. With that in mind, RSOLUTIONS offers helpful Website maintenance services that are sure to keep your website on the right track.

RSolutions undertakes Website maintenance services like verification of all the links, making regular updates, easy content updating interface, maintenance of server logs, flushing of server, backup of database, data security, database administration, database maintenance, restructure navigation... anything your previous development company didn't accurately finish, etc.

RSolutions can customize maintenance and support services to the tune of your business requirements.

Website Re-designing

RSOLUTIONS feels that the graphic design and overall aesthetic feel of the web site is crucial for creating a favorable impression with your website visitors. We feel that a site must look professional, yet capture the appropriate appearance and character that best represent the organization.

Also, the site should be laid out in an organized manner with a user-friendly interface that provides intuitive site navigation. The Web Solutions design team works with each client to create a complementing balance of information, images and dynamic multimedia to create a look that accurately reflects the goals set forth.

RSOLUTIONS will provide you with an attractive, user-friendly, easy-to-navigate and professional looking website to enhance your marketing goals. We'll design the layout of your website based on the required theme. Web-design includes designing of Templates, Graphics, Navigation of the website, Site map, etc. Our services are cost-effective compared to any other Professional organizations.

RSOLUTIONS offers the full spectrum of web-services as part of the web-solution: front-end programming, design production services, database programming, back-end integration, multimedia services, etc.

RSOLUTIONS web-development services offer your end users quality and robust services at affordable prices.

Internet Marketing & E-Commerce

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Solutions

After establishing the project, a business must define how it is going to market its website. One of the biggest fallacies in establishing a website is the notion that, "if you build it, they will come." It takes continued promotions, both off and on-line, to build any meaningful traffic to a site.

RSOLUTIONS has special packages for maintenance of website on regular basis in addition to web promotional packages. We believe that our balanced approach in the complete realm of website solutions ensures that our clients' sites do not get lost in the abyss of the online world.

"Lending infinite reach and laser speed!"

Internet Marketing and Promotion is a migration from the conventional marketing and promotion approach, along with the sophistication of infinite reach and laser-like speed, which ensure rapid business growth and profit maximization.

RSolutions is fully committed to customizing Internet solutions in conformity with our client’s business models and commitments.

RSolutions’ website promotion process is an effort towards getting your website the visibility that it needs on the Web.

RSolutions provide complete online marketing services through Pay-Per-Click Services, Search Engine Submissions, Search Engine Optimizations, Social Media Marketing and many more services to ensure better result online for our customers.

To find out how RSOLUTIONS can help your business succeed on the web, Contact us with your requirement.

Database Applications & Solutions

Database Maintainence

"Providing Master Databanks"

Microsoft MS SQL/ASP.Net is available as an option with a Windows website hosting account. An MS SQL database backend used with VB/JAVA scripting is a tried and tested web designer's favorite for building dynamic websites. The MySQL/PHP combination is also ideally suited to solving those problems posed by website designs that are not scalable, maintainable or technically feasible using the conventional HTML authoring techniques. MySQL provides a fast, reliable and easy-to-use database solution that is ideal for retrieving product information and storing customer information. PHP is a server-side HTML-embedded scripting language equivalent to Microsoft's Active Server Pages on the Windows NT platform. It is the ideal tool for database integration, and it is widely used in combination with MySQL, Windows NT ODBC.

An ODBC or Open Database Connectivity (additional cost) data source allows you to use SQL queries to connect to an uploaded database file. Querying a database via ODBC is simple. SQL statements can be embedded into your Active Server Pages, with the query being executed when the page is requested. The output of the query can then be used to create the Web page.

If you want your website to deliver excellent customer service and enable your customers to be able to search intuitively for your products, a database will become a vital component of your online strategy.

Improve Customer Service

Purchasing products and services can often be complex and frustrating experience. A database allows you to publish your products/services online and make searching and selecting easy for your customers. The speed and simplicity a database provides, can improve customer satisfaction and retain online customers.

Automate Customer Interaction

A database automates much of the interaction that takes place when a customer buys a product, thus reducing the amount of time you need to spend answering telephonic queries.

Increase Profitability

Whether trading online or not, your product/service can be far more accessible with a database-driven website. Improved customer satisfaction, reduced telephone sales and administration costs can make your business more profitable.

Achieve Customer Focused E-Commerce

According to forecasts by independent research groups, e-commerce will create more than £200 billion worth of transactions annually by the year 2002, compared to £6 billion in 1997. To take advantage of this burgeoning market, businesses need fast, efficient, and highly reliable e-commerce websites. A critical component of this is a database that stores product and customer information and allows customers to search and select your products intuitively.

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Our other feature services


For all its merits, technology in and of itself is not the solution. To truly benefit from today's technology, you need to partner with a company that can make technology work for education. RSolutions provides the answer with flexible communications solutions that grow with your educational needs and can help empower your institution by helping to increasing efficiency and potentially lowering expense. And above all, RSolutions' software solutions deliver the technology to impact the real bottom line-the futures of your students.



RSolutions looks at market trends and key business issues to identify opportunities to help you streamline your time-to-market, improve employee effectiveness, enhance customer channels, speed market expansion, and build a solid infrastructure. From Customer Relationship Management, to Supply Chain Management, to Material Requirement Planning (MRP), to Knowledge Management, to effective handle Documents, to Workflow Solutions and more we can deliver cutting-edge solutions that equip your manufacturing firm for a successful business future in today's customer economy.


RSolutions is prepared to help meet the changing needs of retail businesses. We can help you make the most of your existing communications network by making you more efficient, reduce costs, and become savvy about your competition. RSolutions brings you the best in next-generation communications technology backed by an impressive array of services and support to meet your needs for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and more.



Government at all levels is challenged with protecting people, property, and infrastructure during emergencies and disasters. We believe that communications are critical to enabling government organizations to respond to, recover from, and manage emergency situations. RSolutions delivers powerful communications systems, applications and services designed to meet the needs of State, and Local governments.