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What is Dedicated Hosting?

Dedicated hosting permits individuals and business to lease pre-configured, state-of-the-art equipment and connectivity from us. Instead of simply sharing server space on a virtual server, this service gives you the opportunity to lease an entire server for your own exclusive use.

With a dedicated server, you can exercise total control over your Web presence. You can choose the operating system and software you wish to use, and individualize settings for your multimedia and e-commerce requirements. This is a good choice for customers that require custom software or enhanced server control but do not want to make the significant up-front investment required in purchasing and housing their own server.

This form of hosting is more desirable for users with more sophisticated needs, since it permits the deployment of more complex applications, and permits higher bandwidth usage with the ability to host multiple sites on one machine. Such solutions are usually provided on a world-class network connection, and include 24x7 monitoring of the server and network availability.

The fact that we own the server is a significant benefit to you because we are responsible for maintaining the equipment and the connection to the Internet. If a hardware component fails, we are responsible for replacing it at no cost to you. The other advantage of this service is that it is custom-designed for each customer. You select specific CPU speeds, disk space requirements and other hardware components - or you can chose from one of our pre-defined, tried-and-tested server configurations.

These advantages offer a superior service allowing you access to more reliable avenues of content distribution and control over your server environment. With more control, however, comes more responsibility. Customers who select dedicated hosting solutions will require a certain amount of competency in IT and server administration issues in order to properly maintain the server. This will mean a greater investment of time and human resources than what a "virtual" or "shared" server requires.

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