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What is Server Co-location?

Co-location option allows webmasters to exercise total control over their Internet server. We will place your server on our premises and will permit you to make use of our bandwidth and facilities. You retain complete control over your equipment, software and operating system and will be simply leasing the physical space, and high-grade, tier one network access, from us.

You require an Internet Server, and are solely responsible for pre-loading it with both the operating system and web server software that you desire. With co-location, we allocate your server: rack space, an Ethernet connection and IP numbers, as required. We provide you with an open (i.e. no bandwidth limitations) connection to our FE100 100 Mbps fibre connection.

Co-location is not the best choice for inexperienced webmasters who require extensive customer care. Co-location is an industrial grade option best suited for professional content distributors with extensive IT skills in server deployment and administration. For less experienced web masters, the Dedicated Hosting Packages offer more support, configuration and update options.

While we have taken significant security precautions involved with having a state-of-the-art Hosting Facility, it is wise to make sure that your equipment is insured. A good business insurance policy will ensure the speedy replacement of your equipment in case of natural or seismic disaster. More important is to make sure to insure your server when you ship it to us for deployment. Freight insurance will protect you from financial loss if the server is physically damaged during shipping.

Another consideration that you should make is regarding your server's scalability. You should make sure that your server's memory and disk space is maximized, since it will be very costly to make additions once the server is deployed. You will also want to make sure that your equipment is new and has an on-site service guarantee, allowing repairs to be done at our facility in case of equipment failure. Remember that the key for successfully co-locating your Web presence is maintaining quality and speedy services. Quality and speed equals credible service, a necessity for any successful, high-traffic site.

Advantages of Co-located Hosting Services:

Server co-location is an option that we offer to companies and institutions that are confident of administering their own server, which they purchase. The advantages are as follows:

  • The server is kept in our high-grade facilities

  • The server is connected into the client company's high-speed network.

Overall, this solution saves large businesses the cost of direct hardware maintenance, physical security and high-speed network connections.

All servers are provided with a dedicated 10 MB network segment to our fibre connection to the Internet. This type of networking provides our clients with uninterrupted data transmission that could otherwise be encountered when using a host with a shared network environment. Routing is done through our Cisco routers, ensuring wire-line speed from your server directly to the Internet. Custom pricing is available for clients who require a higher speed connection.