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We bring your vision to life with flexible fast solutions.

With the rising need for highly sophisticated & fast tools to perform work & increasing need of keeping with the pace in which industry is moving it has become very important that we hire a consultant who can add value to our current & existing business. This widely growing sector helps mid & small size firms to take strategic & bold decisions.

Through our IT transformation strategy we help organizations re-evaluate and reconstruct their IT environment to align with business goals. A robust, flexible infrastructure is the key to optimizing your IT investments and incorporating new capabilities into your existing infrastructure. Through IT Consultancy weprovide leadership for the profession by shaping the profession's vision, fostering excellence and integrity.

Consultancy Services

What do we do

  • We generate strategically focused solutions for all your Company's needs, that make your company productive.
  • We provide comprehensive proposals that include pilot programs, transition strategies, and effective implementation.
  • We turn your vision into reality.

The 5I's probing strategy

Issues >> Importance >> Impact >> Investigate >> Implement

  • Prospect Development
  • Agreeing terms of Reference
  • Information Gathering
  • Interpretation & insight development
  • Sign off
  • After care

Key Strategies that we follow

  • Build >> Operate >> Manage
  • Build >> Operate >> Transfer

We enable our clients by being partner and by advising on and implementing solutions

  • To build comprehensive IT plans in alignment with overall business strategy.
  • Measure at any time the relevance of IT choices and conformity to IT strategy.
  • Achieve optimal IT solutions to meet the organization's ongoing needs.

Core Competencies

Corporate Leadership:

Provide expert counsel and guidance to senior management on information technology and its impact across the full range of business strategy, programs, products and services, and operational issues. Forge strong relationship with key business leaders across the Company.

IT Vision and Strategy:

Develop short- and long-term vision and strategic plans in alignment with and support for the Company's strategies and goals, business plans, opportunities, products, and operating requirements and efficiencies; seek funding for technology driven initiatives that have strategic value and attractive rates of return; conduct ongoing strategic sourcing to identify the most cost effective, efficient and appropriate utilization of internal, contracted and outsourced functions including systems, infrastructure and network facilities, operations, maintenance and support.

Consultancy Services

Industry Trends:

Understand the impact of technology across the full range of customers. Actively engage in a defined process to keep IT leadership current on trends, new practices and new solutions such as digital product development and innovation.

IT Governance:

Provide cost effective management, rationalization, and simplification of the company's portfolio of systems and projects; establish and enforce IT policies, best practices, strategic and tactical decision-making processes, systems and technology portfolio and lifecycle management, program and project management (PMO), development standards, methodologies, and the like.

Consultancy Services


Direct the definition, architecture, development, implementation, maintenance and support of application systems, which drive and enable business objectives.

Systems Delivery and Performance:

Ensure performance to all elements - cost, schedule, budget, scalability and agility - as they relate to the existing plan and forecast; continuously improve unit cost performance while introducing new IT functionality and innovation.

Technology, Infrastructure & Telecommunications:

Ensure that the Company has the infrastructure to meet its global needs; maintain knowledge of state of the art information technology, voice and data network communications, as well as emerging technologies; identify appropriate technologies for IT initiatives, and produce technology driven innovations to further facilitate business objectives.


Direct the continuous and secure operation, administration and maintenance of the corporate computing and networking infrastructure, including information security and privacy, disaster recovery, and business continuity. Assure that the most appropriate IT security measures are in place. Define and execute security programs in policy, network access, data access, privacy, vendor and auditing environments.

Customer Service:

Provide training and support for all internal customers; create and maintain a world class Help Desk and Problem Resolution processes with which to deliver exemplary service to both internal and external constituencies.

Consultancy Services


Hire, develop, coach, appraise, reward and retain a highly qualified global IT staff; motivate and mentor IT management and staff; lead by example through appropriate participation and involvement in, and oversight of IT activities; plan and provide continuity and succession for all critical IT positions.


Develop the Company's IT budget; monitor budgetary performance, review and approve all capital expenditures, and ensure budget compliance; create effective partnerships and negotiate advantageous agreements with external service providers and hardware and software vendors.

Deployment & Compliance

Deployment of an optimized suite of standard business processes so as to ensure that the system perform expediently, efficiently, accurately and secure information and transaction flow for internal business operations and administrative functions. Also ensure global compliance support for all government, regulatory and statutory requirements are met.


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