Vision Mission

Customer Friendly Process Flow


  • Assessment of the Client's Needs.
  • Focus on Target Audience.
  • Measuring Constraints (like time or costs).
  • Studying Technology Compatibility with Clients's Business Models.
  • Exploring Technology Options.
  • Devising a business compatible plan and implementation.

Project Management

Step-by-step co-ordination of the assigned Project throughout the implementation period, to prevent delays

Providing reports to keep the clients in the loop and facilitate monitoring of the project status by the clients.


Pre-Production & Design

etting goals and creating a plan - Begin design process: Clients to choose color and font options, make recommendations, have an option for inserting current marketing collateral into the web design, finalizing the color and font scheme, developing Graphic compositions.
(example - Web applications)


Intuitive Navigation

RSolutions ensures an effective and highly intuitive navigation system built on a hierarchical system is used in order to facilitate a comfortable user experience irrespective of the client's complex solution architecture.


Graphic Compositions

RSolutions provides as many compositions as the clients require, specific to the budget. We normally produce two designs per template. Based on the client's feedback, we modify the composition as needed. After another round of feedback we normally have a finalized and approved composition ready for production on HTML.


HTML Production

RSolutions production team takes the Graphic Composition and builds XHTML templates, using the most current standards of the W3C. Your XHTML templates look just like the Graphic Compositions but are re-sizeable and look good in all the major browsers.

Your navigation system and other objects in your site can be supported by JavaScript to enable a nice look and feel. Cascading Style Sheets are used to give your text the right look in terms of aesthetics and legibility.


Web/Enterprise Solution Build Out

RSolutions takes the approved XHTML templates and uses the layout to build additional text pages to be used for back-end programming and scripting.


Back-end Programming

RSOLUTIONS then works with you to develop back-end programming and scripting that fits within your budget, varying from simple HTML/VB/Java scripts to simple or complex ASP/ASP.NET/VB/ HTML5/MDB/SQL/Oracle database applications.

In short, we partner with you to provide the best and most cost-effective solutions. Many clients require custom solutions as well, that must fit into their budgetary constraints.


Deployment, Testing, & Launch

In the next stage, RSolutions will deploy your web/enterprise solution(s) on a robust and stable UNIX/Linux/NT/2000 server and set up any supporting technologies that you need, like email. RSolutions will then thoroughly test your web/enterprise solution(s) and simulate high bandwidth loads to make sure that everything is working.

Once we've done the QA tests, and the clients have also tested the solution for themselves, we launch your web/enterprise solution(s) to end-users. RSolutions is always at your disposal to support any change requests or in case, something isn't working.



RSolutions is happy to provide ongoing maintenance should you require it. There are various plans that give our clients the peace of mind that their changes can be done within hours, for rush jobs, and within specified times, for normal maintenance work.

Others may want to have RSolutions update their content periodically at preset intervals. Either way, we are there to support your needs.

Customer Care Process

Reaching New Mile Stones With Our Clients

The greatest leverage achieved in a service industry like ours is through building relationships. Strong and lasting relationships are founded on value.

From the initial engagement until the completion of a project is the crucial period of time when a relationship is forged. At the end of this period, the customer is aware in no uncertain terms, of the value contributed by the service. This forms the bedrock on which a long-term relationship is founded. There is no greater joy for us than to see business growth facilitated by the value we offer in our services and grow along with our customers.

We believe that this will be the only sustainable competitive advantage of the future. Therefore, we are committed to relationships and long-term collaborative partnerships. We will be interested in not only building applications, but also managing applications so that our best skills can truly compliment a business.

We are there 24/7

We harness the power of insights to deliver value.


We bring out the true intellectual beauty of your's.