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An extranet is a private network that uses Internet protocols and the public telecommunication system to securely share part of a business's information or operations with suppliers, vendors, partners, customers, or other businesses. An extranet can be viewed as part of a company's Intranet that is extended to users outside the company.

The same benefits that Web technologies have brought to corporate Intranets are now starting to accelerate business between businesses.

Extranets can be used to exchange large volumes of data, share product catalogues, share news with trading partners, collaborate with other companies on joint development efforts, jointly develop and share training programs with other companies, provide or access applications between companies, and much more.

It may sound like a technology for geeks only. But many people use extranets every day without realizing it--to track packaged goods, order products from their suppliers or access customer assistance from other companies.

An extranet is a mechanism based on Internet and Web technology for communicating both privately and selectively with your customers and business partners.

Differences between an Extranet, an Intranet and the Internet

First there was the Internet, which is available for everyone to use. Then businesses got smart and started developing their own intranets that used the same friendly Web interface but put up firewalls so that only employees could see the information on the site. Finally, the extranet was created.

It finds itself somewhere in between - there's still a firewall, but you allow only selected outsiders, such as business partners and customers, inside.


Why would you use Extranets?

  • When done correctly, extranets provide a safe way to allow transactional business-to-business activities and can save your company some serious time and money.
  • The automotive industry uses extranets to cut down on its redundant ordering processes and keep suppliers up to date on parts and design changes, allowing quicker response times to suppliers' problems and questions.
  • Suppliers can receive proposals, submit bids, provide documents, even collect payments through an extranet site.
  • An extranet has restricted (password-protected) access, so it may be connected directly to each party's internal systems.


Does every Company Need one?

  • Many view extranets as the next era in Web development.
  • While other business-to-business communications, such as electronic data interchange (EDI), are out there, an extranet is more user-friendly because of its Web interface and allows for less regimented and more ad-hoc inquiries.
  • Before a company can make an attempt at harnessing the capabilities and profits gained from using an extranet, a fully functioning intranet has to be in place.
  • In time, companies may be forced to use an extranet with their suppliers and customers.
  • Even now, some large corporations say they will not do business with companies that won't be connected to a secure extranet in the coming years.


Key Features

RSolutions eExtranet consists of over 300+ modules to take care of various business partner functions within the organization.

  • Multi-Location and Multi-Organization
  • Management of Employees & Business Partners' Data
    • Detailed information about each of the employees and business partner can be maintained including personal details, education, work experience, achievements, assets, kid details and other specific details
  • 2 Level Password Protection for Every Transaction
  • Complete Product Management with Division, Categories, Classifications
    • Multi-Level Product Details including Technology, Details, Features, Data Sheets, Specifications, Concepts, Photos, Videos & Animations, Exploded Views, Installation, Troubleshooting, FAQs, BOM, Spares, AMC Details, Mandatory Services, Quizzes and many more in-depth information can be configures. Each of these information can be supported with Text, Images, Videos & Animations.
  • Multi-Level Configurable Master Data
  • Critical Spare Ordering System with built-in multi-layered workflow (Request - Process - Fulfillment)
  • Communication modules to connect with business partner
  • Online Training & Certification of Employees & Business Partners
    • Configuring of All-India Training Calendar
    • Imparting of Online & Offline Training
    • Online Test configuration and Results and Tracking
    • Reporting Services for Effective Delivery & Tracking Results
  • Online Ticketing Solution with 5 levels of workflow approval
  • Online Business Partners Bills Payment Processing with 7 levels of workflow approval and payment tracking
  • Online One-To-One Chat Solution
  • Document Management Solution
  • Business-To-BP and BP-To-Business Files Sharing Solution
    • BP Online Induction Module with Online Exam
  • Online Circulars, Photo & Video Gallery, Service Network
  • Knowledge Sharing, Awards & Recognitions, Wishes, and more
  • Simple & Advanced Reporting Services & Integration to 3rd Party AI/BI Tools for Advanced Data Analysis & Many More


Information sharing is simple

Without an extranet, you're likely sharing files with outside parties via email. This leads to outdated document versions, large file attachments clogging up inboxes, and important information being lost or overlooked. It can also be time consuming and irritating to search for information buried deep in email threads.

An extranet ensures all relevant information - including all versions of uploaded documents - is in one place. Add to that the index ability of a modern solution, and everyone finds what they need in a matter of seconds.


Documents Are Safe And Secure.

Information is the lifeblood of any organization. With an extranet, your important documents will be up to date and stored securely, typically with SSL encryption. A robust extranet can provide access control, enabling you to limit access to certain areas and files. It can even provide an audit trail, letting you see which users have accessed files and when.


Professional branding makes a great impression.

Extranets can be customized to your requirements, helping you project a positive, professional image to clients. Not only can you create a secure, online environment, but it can also be branded to appear as your organization's own collaboration solution.


Information Management Is Easy.

It's simple for internal staff and third parties to collaborate within a modern extranet, including remote workers. Users can access the information and tools they need from any laptop, desktop or smartphone or mobile device, and work on common documents at their convenience.


Reduced margin of error.

An extranet can reduce your margin of error, especially when you use it to give specific groups access to internal applications. This could involve something as simple as giving customers access to their order histories, or something as complex as processing orders from distributors and suppliers.



When you use an extranet to make information and applications available to partners, clients, and customers, everyone can operate when and where it's most convenient. This self-serve approach frees you from unnecessary meetings and phone tag, and it cuts down on the costs associated with in-person information exchanges. For example, an extranet may allow you to provide customer-service information outside of regular business hours.


Timely and Accurate Information.

On an extranet you can instantly change, edit, and update sensitive information such as price lists or inventory information. Compared to typical paper-based publishing processes, an extranet offers a unique opportunity to get hot information into the right hands before it cools - and before it's out-of-date.


Shorter time to market

If your business is not moving at "Internet speed", you risk being left behind. An extranet can help you get your products to market more quickly by making proposals and specifications available to suppliers, and giving clients and partners up-to-date information on current projects.


Reduced Inventory

One of the hallmarks of a business-to-business extranet is its impact on supply-chain management. By linking your inventory system directly to a supplier, you can process orders as soon as the system knows you need them, thus reducing the stock you keep on hand and making the procurement process more efficient.


Build customer loyalty

Extranets make business easier for your customers. The more you make timely, accurate information available to your customers, the more likely it is you'll keep their business.

As these examples demonstrate, an extranet can help you spend less on supplies, staffing, and other overhead costs. Given the investment an extranet requires, it may take time for savings to become apparent. Over a period of weeks or months, however, eliminating even one paper-based process can yield dramatic savings.


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