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Library Management Solution (eLibrary)

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Online Library Management System is a system which maintains the information about the books present in the library, their authors, the members of library to whom books are issued, library staff and all.

This is very difficult to organize manually. Maintenance of all this information manually is a very complex task. Owing to the advancement of technology, organization of an Online Library becomes much simple.

This computerization of library helps in many instances of its maintenances. It reduces the workload of management as most of the manual work done is reduced



  • The objective of the Library Management System is to handle the entire activity of a library.
  • The software keeps track of all the information about the books and their complete details.
  • The system contains database where all the information will be stored safely.



  • The software will keep track of all the books and library information.
  • The software will be able to handle all the necessary information.



The online library management system provides easy ways for librarians to create and store their library collections. It enables students and staff to communicate and collaborate through multiple channels.


Simple & Easy to Use

The Library Management Software is simple, user-friendly, and can be easily integrated with your existing system. The library management system benefits provide online and offline storage, automated backups, and easy upgrades to simplify and enhance the learning process.


Increased Library Engagement

Avoid frustration and tediousness by providing students with 24/7 access to library resources from anywhere, anytime. Library Management Software allows the librarian to maintain all types of books, eBooks, journals, photos, videos, and create events.


Highly Secure, Scalable & Reliable

College libraries benefit from scalable infrastructure, role-based secure access, high performance and reliable to ensure seamless access to library database


Dynamic Reports

Maximize the performance of libraries with dynamic reports, charts and graphs to review and track the progress for better decision-making.



The automated library software is user-friendly, powerful and developed for easy entry of data, makes library operations free from errors.


Mobile Access

The library management system provides mobile access to search the library catalog, schedules, books and resources from anywhere, at any given time via smart phones and tablets.



Students can search, write articles, upload photos and videos, manage email, send messages, but also help them to keep up with the librarian and other students via chat, discussion forums, and social media.


Fully Customizable

The library automation system is fully customizable and adaptable to the needs of educational institutions to provide fast, reliable data.



Embracing sophisticated technologies is cost-effective and a viable choice for education institutions. Using mobile and digital libraries eliminates paper-based processes and maintenance overheads, improves productivity, reduces operation costs and saves time.


  • The Library Management System allows the user to store the book details and the person's details.
  • This software allows storing the details of all the data related to library.
  • The implementation of the system will reduce data entry time and provide readily calculated reports.

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