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Claim Processing Solution (eClaims)

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Recommended for
SMEs & Enterprises

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Claims processing software forms an important business function for various public entities, insurance companies, and privately held companies. It is highly beneficial in providing effective management and analysis of information related to claims.


Maintenance and Documentation Storage Correspondences and reports pertaining to claims are maintained by the software. Claim processing is documented, stored, and maintained for future reference.

Effective eClaims Management

Claims processing software manages the entire process from claims request to final settlement. Software helps to obtain relevant information, document the task, and maintain reports or correspondences connected with the claims.

Faster access to data thus providing support to employees for efficient operation. Track the performance of claims process and results in improved visibility which increases the ability to manage the claims efficiently.


Seamless Integration

Claims processing software supports and allows integration with software products and other applications. Easy integration allows effective transfer of claim reports, data, and correspondences to other software products.



Claims management software system allows for the claim settlement procedure to be easy and error-free. Additional benefits include; standardization, operational efficiency, reduced manual work, effective process tracking, and fraud detection.


Rise in Productivity

Claims processing software eradicate the labor and amount of time involved in processing, resulting in raised claim volume. As the processing time for claims is reduced, more time available for employees to respond to other operational jobs.


Confidentiality and remote accessibility

The SQL database software supports browser and other technologies to guarantee a secure remote accessibility.



Information of the claims is kept safe and secured by using encrypted with passwords at various levels for data entry and viewing. Only authorized users can access the system. The activity of the users is tracked constantly for ensuring a secured network. Information is kept confidential by filtered access rights, SSL and VPN encryption.


RSolutions eClaims Processing Software has the following process mapped in its operation.


Claiming heads in the software are dynamic and can be activated or de-activated for any of the employees during his/her tenure of working within the organization.


Employee can upload his/her claims along with supporting documents based on eligibility under various head of accounts.


Reporting Manager of the employee, after verifying the claim can either Approve or Reject with comments.


Approved claim goes to HR for further process and Rejected claim is sent back to employee for further corrections and inputs. He/she after correcting can send back the claim.


Approved claims are processed by HR and paid as part of their salaries of the month.


Complete process is tracked and history is maintained to follow-up and check the data at any given point of time.

Request & Processing

eClaims offers you automated processes for claims management, which reduces your effort for claims processing, and provides you a paperless environment for managing employee claims. It provides you fully integrated workflow distribution for efficient claims tracking, processing and document management.

eClaims empowers your organization with effective management of employee claims by recording, monitoring, tracking and evaluating employee claims.


Various Heads of Reimbursement

Reimbursement claims can be user defined as part of the compensation – viz: Mobile, Conveyance, LTA, Outstation Travel, Vehicle Maintenance, Entertainment, Medical Expenses etc.

Any type of claim can be integrated in the application. Reimbursement Heads are completely dynamic and can be added at any point of time, with access to employees based on their roles and responsibilities.


Reporting Services

All employees, managers and management can check data based on their roles set in the application.

Powerful 3rd Party AI/BI Tools can be integrated for better insight and high-level of visibility and controlled actions.


Key Features

  • Entitlement and Eligibility: Entitlement and eligibility can be defined as part of the compensation plan. It could be specific amount or could be linked to category, grade location, department or any other unit as deemed fit by the management.
  • Online Claims: This feature lets your employees check available balances, claim history and file reimbursement claims online.
  • Online Claims Approval: This feature lets managers and hr approve or reject employees reimbursement claims online. The complete workflow process is dynamic.
  • Complete Control And Compliance: Track the number of claims in a period, tax impact of claims, period and frequency of claims etc. This can add up to tremendous savings in terms of manual intervention, paper handling and simplification of audit.
  • Unclaimed Reimbursements: Can be paid along with salary as taxable allowance at the end of the financial year.

Additional Key Features

  • Paperless Claims Workflow
  • Automate Claims Requests and Approvals
  • Intuitive Dashboard for Claims Updates and Reports
  • Generate Comprehensive Reports
  • Customize Claims Approval Rules

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