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Feedback Management Solution (eFeedback)

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Verified & Validated

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Recommended for
SMEs & Enterprises

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Help to expand your

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If you run your own business I know you do your best to please your customers, satisfy their needs, and eventually to keep them loyal to your brand. But how can you be sure that your efforts bring desired results? If you do not try to find out what your clients actually think about your service, you will never be able to give them the best customer experience. Their opinions about experience they have with your brand is helpful information that you can use to adjust your business to fit their needs more accurately.



  • Feedback is a dialogue between people which reflects back how another person sees someone's behavior or performance.
  • Gathers a collection of information's.
  • Problem solving.
  • Getting reactions of receivers.


Student Feedback

The software consists of four modules:

  • Student: Students can give the feedback about the teacher or lecturer or trainer with our without interacting with them.
  • Staff: The feedback given by the student can be viewed by the staff (teacher or lecturer or trainer) and improve their performance in teaching.
  • Head / Manager: They can check feedback reports. They can also view overall grades and view the grades obtained.
  • Principal / Management: Finally, report was referred by the principal / management and give suggestions to staff (teacher or lecturer or trainer) to improve their teaching.

Importance & Advantage

  • It helps the faculty to meet up to the expectations of their students.
  • It makes it easier for the faculty to connect with the students.
  • Students can freely express their views.
  • It helps the higher authorities to keep the record of the faculty.


Customer Feedback

Customer feedback is information provided by clients about whether they are satisfied or dissatisfied with a product or service and about general experience they had with a company. Their opinion is a resource for improving customer experience and adjusting your actions to their needs.

This information can be collected with different kinds of surveys (prompted feedback), but you can also find opinions and reviews your clients post online (unprompted feedback) and collect them using Internet monitoring tools. Both sources are important to get a full picture of how your clients perceive your brand.


Why customer feedback is important in business?

Customer feedback helps improve products and services:

When you initially introduce a new product, brand or service to market you probably have an idea about customer needs. Market research that you conduct before introduction gives you an idea if potential customers would be willing to buy it and also they can give you some tips on how you could improve it. However, only after your customers use your product or service you can learn about all the advantages, flaws and their actual experience. On top of that, their needs and expectations evolve with time.


Customer feedback helps you measure customer satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction and loyalty is a crucial factor that determines company's financial performance. It is directly linked to many benefits, such as increased market share, lower costs, or higher revenue. Many studies confirmed close connection between customer satisfaction and business performance.

Therefore, there is no doubt that you want to make sure your clients are happy with your products and services. Naturally, the best way to find out if you meet their expectation is to get their opinions. Using rating-based questions you can easily estimate the level of satisfaction and consequently predict your company's financial condition in the future.


Collecting customer feedback shows you value their opinions:

By asking your clients for feedback you communicate that their opinion is important to you. You involve them in shaping your business so they feel more attached to your company. Listening to their voice helps you create stronger relations with them.

And I am sure you are aware that their recommendations is probably the most effective and, at the same time, the cheapest way to acquire new customers and become more trustworthy in the eyes of your current and potential clients.


Customer feedback helps you create the best customer experience:

Today's marketing is heavily based on experiences people have with products, services and brands. And naturally, the most effective way to give them amazing experience is asking them what they like about your service and what should be improved.


Customer feedback helps to improve customer retention:

Satisfied customer will stay with you. Unhappy customer will eventually find a better alternative to your business and leave. Customer feedback helps you determine if your clients are satisfied with your service and detect areas where you should improve.


Customer feedback is a reliable source for information to other consumers:

In the times of social media, consumers do not trust commercials or expert advice so much. Opinions provided by other customers who have already used a product or service are more reliable source for information these days.


Customer feedback gives you data that helps taking business decisions:

There is no place for business decisions based on loose guesses on a highly competitive market. Successful business owners gather and manage distinct kind of data that helps them develop future strategies. Only in this way they are able to adjust their products and services to perfectly fit customer needs.


RSolutions eFeedback

  • Complete configurable and scalable
  • Feedback forms can be dynamically created and made available to capture the feedback, these forms can be created from time-to-time based on the need and information to be captured
  • Feedback given online will be consolidated and presented in desired reports which again can be configured based on requirement


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