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RSolutions eSAS

Abbreviated SAS, Sales Automation System is a technique of using software to automate the business tasks of sales, including order processing, contact management, information sharing, inventory monitoring and control, order tracking, customer management, sales forecast analysis and employee performance evaluation.


Purpose of eSAS

  • Increase Revenue
  • Reduction in Cost of Sales
  • Customer Retention due to Company, Not Product or Service
  • Sales Force Increasing Mobility
  • Easy Available Customer
  • Information with Single View


Barrier to Successful SAS

  • The real challenge for SAS is that it must convince the salesperson that it will help them to be more effective personally, do their job better, and help them make more money
  • It is also critical to roll out quickly to show a return on investment as fast as possible. Sales persons are skeptics and individualists. Because they will always look for excuses not to use any corporate-mandated solution, they must feel part of the process and find that the process has something to offer them, not just the organization.



  • A sales automation system is a software package that effectively manages all stages of the sales and marketing procedure from the first interaction with a customer to closing the deal. The system provides functions such as contact management, rapid proposal, pitch generation, and work lists of sales reps, to name a few.
  • The software tracks all instances of communication with customers which prevents multiple contacts for the same reason which would irritate the customer. Other features of this tool include analytics, opportunity management, sales forecasting and order management. Using this software solution, you would be able to minutely analyze the complete sales cycle.



In today's competitive business scenario, it has become important to implement sales automation to get ahead. This software package can eliminate time-consuming tasks that were hitherto done manually. We summarize the benefits of using a sales automation system


Utilizing Opportunities

A sales automation system ensures companies make the most use of prospective opportunities by following up thoroughly with potential customers. The tool allows sales reps to focus on improving customer interactions instead of spending time on follow-up processes.


Prioritizing Sales Tasks

The system assigns leads to reps in the order of importance. This enables the reps to focus on high quality leads. They can easily differentiate between hot opportunities and cold leads. Reps can also learn about the overall value of a deal and the chances of closing it.


Accurate Forecasting

A good sales automation system has the tools and features to accurately make sales forecasts based on quotes, opportunities, and orders.


Improved Selling

Sales reps can understand their prospective customers better by analyzing order history, customer demographics and other customer metrics. This can enable them to position their pitches better and roll out targeted campaigns.


Educated Sales Coaching

Sales managers can easily access data about the activities of sales reps such as the number of customer contacts, opportunities pursued, and sales figures. This would enable the managers to pinpoint areas where a rep is lacking, and help him or her to refocus their efforts to eliminate the drawbacks.


Increased Revenue

Effectively implementing a sales automation system can help businesses to improve their revenue. They can automate time-consuming tasks, which would enable reps to focus on customer pitches and boost sales. Reps can target their efforts better as they would have the purchase history of each customer for reference.

Key Features

  • Multi-Location and Multi-Company
  • Workflow and Access Integration
  • Dynamic Master Module Integration for Sales Process (Over 20+ Modules Integrated)
  • Employees Master Maintenance (With Linking to Various Other Integrated Masters)
  • Maintain Data Bank of all Customers with Customer & Contact Management Tool
  • Sales Automation Process linked to HR Application for Claims and Appraisal



  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting Tool
    • Secured Customer Profile
    • Inquiry Details
    • MTSS Details (Air/Ocean)
    • MOM Details
    • Sales Dashboard
    • Quotation Details
    • Advance Target
    • Sales Forecast
    • Daily Call Report
    • Consolidate Target
    • Weekly Activity Report
    • Dashboard
    • Log Reports





Sales Person goes and meet a client or call a client or get an enquiry from a customer through email / fax / phone / reference, incase sales person goes to client, he needs to fill Daily Call Report in order to claim Petrol Charges



Sales Person inputs the enquiry in the system



Based on Enquiry, he sends the quotation to the customer



Follow-up on quotation and revision if required



Quotation gets postponed or cancelled or gets converted to order



Sales Person enters the order in the system and order goes to finance for further processing

Key Functions

Pre-Sales Processes

  • Sales Target
  • MTSS
  • Daily Call Report
  • Sales Forecast

Sales Processes

  • Enquiry Generation
  • Quotation Generation & Follow-Up Process
  • Customer Order Generation

Post-Sales Processes

  • Secured Customer Profile
  • MOM


RSolutions eSAS, online sales automation system can help your business improve sales closure rates, and enhance sales representative productivity.

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