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Outstation & Overseas Travel Management (eTravel)

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eTravel delivers a robust travel solution to its customers and makes sure that the needs of the customer are satisfied and is delivering a planned, strategic, e-travel solution that caters to all the customers' needs within one platform.


eTravel Management is a one stop solution for all transport / travel related requirements be that reimbursement, booking cabs, checking availability, etc.

It integrates and streamlines transportation planning, execution, payment, and business process automation in a single application.

eTravel provide corporate travel management for your business by assisting with the day-to-day operations of your business travel program, and providing dedicated resources and technology for all stakeholders within an organization, including CEOs and founders, employees, and of course finance departments. These services and tools help streamline both expenses and travel management to improve efficiency for business professionals.


The Evolution of End-to-end eTravel Process


In the past, companies have not always made the link between business travel and expenses, as they're often managed by different departments. But when you consider that around 90% of employee expenses are incurred during business trips, it becomes apparent that for finance to truly be in control of company spend, they need to have visibility and influence over the entire end-to-end process.


For that reason, many companies are aligning processes and investigating solutions that intuitively help the business manage both functions in a streamlined way.
From the starting point of booking the trip to the final step of reporting and analyzing spend, they're looking for ways to remove manual steps, improve workflows and reduce costs.

Business Trip Process

A Typical Business Trip from start to finish


01Book travel

After agreement with the employee's line manager, the trip is booked by the company's travel manager or directly with the corporate approved travel booking agency. Increasingly employees are booking independently through corporate booking tools, meta search engines and directly with suppliers (decentralized travel).


02Take business trip

The traveler takes the trip and incurs expenses along the way. Modern travelers use mobile technology throughout the journey for a range of services like flight updates, lounge access, seat upgrades and destination information.


03Submit expenses

After the trip, the traveler submits a claim with all the relevant receipts either through a manual process like a spreadsheet, or through an automated expense system.


04Approval of expenses

The claim is routed to a chain of approvers, including managers and the finance team, before being paid. This can prove long-winded and error-prone with a paper-based process in place.



The employee is paid for business-related expenses incurred on the next payment cycle.



The finance team should have access to T&E reports to ensure compliance with HMRC and regulatory laws, to predict cash flow and to identify spending trends.

Trip Related

Travel / Trip Expense

Travel / Trip Expense management allows employees to plan their trips, get approvals and after travel, claim their expenses using a good workflow solution. Solutions comprises of Pre & Post Travel modules to enable better control of Travel requests and utilization of organizational funds.

Key Features

  • Trip & Ticket Booking Request & Processing
  • Advances Request
  • Expense Filling and Submission and Approval
  • Release of Travel Expenses
  • Reporting


Petrol Reimbursement

Allow employees to fill their daily petrol expenses based on their daily call report and also based on their eligibility.

Key Features

  • Daily Call Report Filling
  • Setup of Eligibility within system
  • Entering of Petrol Expenses Based on Eligibility
  • Workflow
  • Release of Expenses
  • Reporting


Local Conveyance Booking System

Solution for all transport related requirements be that of employees cabs booking request, checking availability, approvals, cab allocation, trip sheet and usage, planning, execution, payment, and business process automation in a single window.

Key Features

  • Employees Requests & Approval
  • Cab allocation and booking
  • Trip Sheet
  • Usage & Billing
  • Allocation of Billing to Business Units
  • Tracking and Reporting Services



Having a well-defined eTravel Management Solution have many benefits. Organizations across the board are looking for ways to improve their Travel process and the first step is to have a solid foundation in the form of a Travel policy. Apart from the obvious benefits of reducing the cost for processing, other benefits of a well-defined policy include

Employee Assistance and Itinerary Support

When you work with a eTravel, your team gains access to a dedicated support team, saving them from the time and stress involved in handling travel issues on their own. At eTravel, we also function as the agent of record for all booking and ticketing, which means you won't be turned over to a third-party customer service organization.

Centralized Expense Report Management

Centralized expense report management can be a big overall benefit of working with eTravel management software. Creating, editing, and submitting expenses with the eTravel management software couldn't be easier.

Comprehensive Insights for Finance Departments

Visibility and forecasting are huge for the finance team, yet with travel and expenses it's often difficult to predict costs and control spend. eTravel can help your team automate manual tasks, enables enhanced control and operational efficiencies, and gives you access to reporting that provides greater visibility into budget and financial forecasting.

Travel Policy Compliance Assistance

One of the most notable and immediate changes your team will feel working with eTravel is the shift from unmanaged to managed travel. Without eTravel, employees typically reserve travel using numerous different online booking tools, or one overworked employee manually books travel at the request of multiple employees. This makes it difficult to achieve travel policy compliance and provide duty of care.


Do You Need eTravel Management Solution?

Quite simply, the answer is YES! Unmanaged travel causes employees avoidable stress, leaves no room for human error, and ties up your finance team with manual processing of clunky spreadsheet-based expense reports that have a multitude of receipts attached. No matter the size of your organization, we can help organize travel, align budgets, streamline expense reporting, and expedite reimbursements.


Greater Visibility

No matter where travel is booked, merge eTravel data, company systems and 3rd party accounts for a holistic view into business spend.


Greater Control

Integrate eTravel policies and guarantee compliance, in light of constantly changing regulations, educating users along the way.


Greater Satisfaction

Empower employees to book travel in new and preferred ways. Grow an army of company evangelists.


Considering businesses spend upwards of 10% of their annual budgets on eTravel , technology that can deliver better insight into that spend will ensure finance leaders have a front-row seat in the boardroom. But the meaning of control has shifted for finance. Giving finance greater visibility and control, while empowering employees with technology that makes it easier than ever to manage eTravel in line with their expectations.


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