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eApartment is a computer based system which is used to monitor the various activities of a regular residential metropolitan society. The concept of apartment management system has arisen from the fact that various large societies need monitoring and maintenance for their various day to day activities.

In a normal residential society, the day to day chores include maintenance of the society, owners and tenants data, plumbing, parking allocations, waste management, security facilities, tracking dues, inventory management etc. these activities individually are very tedious and long processes.

They require the co-ordination between the respective management societies coupled with the vendors which provide these services so that the appropriate convenience can be provided. Apartment management is the operation, control, and oversight of real estate as used in its broadest terms.



The main aim of the online system is to provide utility to maintain day to day operations of apartments. This software helps them to store all transactions electronically in a system, which in turn saves lot time, money and energy.

This software helps to main the track records of sales, purchases, receipts, installments, advances made, maintenances and other related issues.

It helps in replacing the manual system of record keeping with the modern computerized system.



Automation, which follows implementing Apartment management software, solves most of the problems that property managers struggle with on a daily basis.


Real-time access to information

eApartment software, which is a web-based platform, you can work from anywhere at any time. Data is updated automatically and stored online, allowing both you and your tenants to access all the necessary features right from the comfort of your desktop, laptop or smartphone.


Improved communication

With eApartment software, owners and tenants can log into their own profile and perform all the necessary operations online. Offering access to owners and tenant, it allows them to report a maintenance request any time of the day and track every update.


Reduced administration work

With eApartment software, data is automatically updated. You can generate comprehensive reports on demand and regain control of both your finances and your entire society.


Online payments

With eApartment software, owners and tenants can pay their maintenance and other expenses and society association can receive it within minutes. It is easier to monitor payments from each owner and tenant when you keep records online, which also enables societies to run financial reports automatically.


Securing sensitive data

With eApartment software, there is no need to worry as all of the personal data is securely stored online. SSL data encryption can be provided, which secures it even more.

Sub Systems

The various sub systems in apartment management system are

Member List:

  • eApartment software allows every member (owner or tenant) of the in the apartment complex to create a unique identify.
  • Each member gets an access to maintain their personal details. These details can be modified or changed at any point of time.
  • Each member has a username which specifies his/her hierarchy based on his role in the management of the apartment complex.
  • Each member will have a unique profile which will allow him to raise complaints, and track his problems and raise them to the appropriate persons in-charge.



Role based Access:

  • In every apartment complex / society there is a committee administering the needs of the apartment complex / society.
  • Everyone in the committee has individual roles and handle different responsibilities in the apartment
  • eApartment software provides all the features with the help of username. Each user can be thus can be given access to only things he is concerned with in the appointment.

Key Features

  • Maintain Personal Details of Owners & Tenants
  • Maintain Proper Record of Maintenance and Accounting Dues
  • Allocation of cost incurred to maintain the apartment complex / society to all owners and tenants
  • Collection of payments from owners and tenants
  • Gives a provision for tracking the issues and complaints of the residents and tries to automate the process by allocating to the right committee member
  • Every residential apartment complex / society has an inventory of basic items required for the various activities. These items include the basic tools like ladders, gardening equipment etc. Software gives a provision for tracking and management of this inventory in order to prevent the mismanagement involving the same.
  • Other activities including all communications within apartment complex / society management are part of the software, which helps in smooth running of the operations

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