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Internal Request Management Solution (eRequisition)

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Verified & Validated

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Recommended for
SMEs & Enterprises

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  • Requisition Management is the process that involves creating, processing, authorizing and tracking of requests within an organization.
  • RSolutions eRequisition offers you software solution to manage all request generated in the organization by various employees distributed geographically, for effective servicing of those requests.
  • Requests can be submitted via customizable web forms provided. You can associate these custom fields to single or multiple categories and; use these fields to manage additional information.



Requisition Management Software can be a lifesaver for any business as it is easier to handle and is consistent with accurate work.

The Digital process includes:

  • Accuracy
  • Less Expensive
  • Transparent and Consistent
  • No Frauds and Risks
  • Less Time Consuming

Turning requisition management into a strategic partner

Moving away from paper-based requisitions to requisition management software can be a lifesaver for any business. RSolutions' Requisition Management System will allow businesses to consolidate all requests into a single database that can be accessed round the clock from anywhere.


Major Functionalities


Requests initiation:

Employees have access to initiate a requisition to either for themselves or on behalf of other people.


Approval process:

Once all the fields in a requisition form are filled correctly, it is subjected to standard approval. If it passes the standard check, it is routed through the approval workflow to appropriate reviewers. Authorized holders can either approve, reject, or request changes to the requisition.


Trigger to closure:

Overall approval status of the requisition depends on the status of individual requisition lines. Once a requisition is completely approved, it needs to be automatically converted to Reporting Services with Reports at Every Reporting Level based on Access.


The requisition process can be upgraded for more efficiency, speed, and consistent results.

  • Enhance efficiency in requisition management, with no lost or delayed requests
  • Improve request processing speed
  • Accelerate requisition approvals
  • Improve the employee and employer relationship



In addition to eliminating paperwork, reducing manual intervention and human errors, ensuring transparency, and lowering operational costs throughout the cycle, Requisition Management solution improves accuracy, speeds up execution, and enhances process efficiency within the requisition process.

  • Real-time reporting: Spot bottlenecked requisitions and delays using actionable insights from visual-rich reports.
  • Cloud-based storage: Store, access, and approve requests seamlessly with centralized storage.
  • Role-based permissions: Maintain information securely with user-specific, conditional access controls.
  • Automated notifications: Seek timely actions from the stakeholders by sending automated reminders.


Key Features

Functionalities of Requisition Management Software

The system will allow a business to integrate all requests to a single database, that can be monitored and controlled from everywhere, anytime. Shifting to automated tools is smooth and easy in working. RSolutions eRequisition software is a highly scalable and customized with a dynamic work-flow process built-in.

The key features of the software are.

  • Customizable web forms with dynamic field inputs
  • Workflow Setup for Request Approval
  • Customized Reporting Services with Reports at Every Reporting Level based on Access



It is an easy-to-use tool that helps you:

  • Any kind of request can be configured easily within the software
  • Manage requests with detailed traceability
  • Improve collaboration for geographically distributed teams
  • Capture and analyze requirements
  • Increase productivity
  • Align business goals and objectives with deliverables
  • Increased ROI & Saves Cost on Printed Request Form within the Company



Experience Requisition Management at another level

  • It is very simplified and manageable software when it comes to use and productivity.
  • It is a User-friendly software which makes it quick and fast on its working and accessibility. It is an easy way to maintain the complex details.
  • You can also view and track the records of the Request getting created or getting approved.



Requisition Management as the software gives you full access to the procedure from all ends. It is hassle-free, easy to access and efficient at its workflow. It gives you ground for easy management and tracking of all the existing as well as upcoming requests that come into your system. It will make your business get value for its money.

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