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Car Service Tracking Solution (eService)

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Verified & Validated

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Recommended for
SMEs & Enterprises

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Help to expand your

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Web based Car Service Tracking System to get the booking from customers through online. This project provides effective and efficient web based system.


This Web based system facilitate to minimize the work, increase efficiency of work, identify the day to day Booking and view the daily, monthly and annual reports. The management likes to avoid wasting the time and reduces the work load by using this web based system.


In the quick growing, competitive business world each individual is incredibly busy with their business thus could not rest even for a second. The customers would really like to get services through online and to full fill that customer's needs.

Web based Car Service Tracking Solutions (eService) to get the booking from customers through online. This project provides effective and efficient web based system


Key Features

  • Build Online Bookings, thereby increase the company's order level.
  • Maintaining Customer Database.
  • Bulk Update of Master Data.
  • View and printout of daily, monthly and annual reports of the branches.
  • Track Service History.


  • Calculate the vehicle service charge based on booking details.
  • Provide better services to customer.
  • Communicate across the various functions within the system through message via email or SMS.
  • Get feedback from customers to analysis the company services within the customer point of view.
  • The system provide an overall solution to handle the day-to-day activities related to the service. This includes activities related to web based bookings, tracking, web based services details and human resources
  • The main deliverables of the system is summarized management reports, receive and manage online booking, make alert through mobile phone to management and customers.
  • Moreover, the system will include record monitoring in different user perspectives and provide a secure system.



  • User friendly interface
  • Fast access to database
  • Less error
  • More Storage Capacity
  • Search facility
  • Look and Feel Environment
  • Quick transaction


Customer Benefits

The customers can be able to

  • Make booking through online.
  • Make payments through online (credit card, debit card or ez cash).
  • Get the variety of vehicle services and service details.
  • By using this system the customer may save their time and money.




System Benefits

System can be able to


The system provide a user - friendly interface system, so this is easy to work for system users without any additional knowledge.


This system can access in a computer with low memory and low processing power. So this is cost effective system.


This system has to include login privilege, Admin level staff only access delete, edit permissions.

Manual System

How Existing Manual System Differs from eService?

In existing manual system of the company maintains their records in log book. The company divided their manager level into two top level management. They are administrator level, and Regional level management.

The customers make booking through telephone and the administrator and staff of the company manage their booking record in manually. Then they gave the information about booking to Branch manager.


Drawbacks Existing Manual System

  • Hand written contract documents (booking list, payment vouchers, etc.)
  • Inflexibility of finding details of booking.
  • Confidential data is recorded in a log book.
  • No proper customer history and documentation.
  • Calculations are done manually.
  • Complex monitoring of business progress.
  • Poor communication methods with the customers in business.
  • Time wasting by paper work.
  • No any easy payment methods (online payment, shopping cards) for customer

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