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Employee Self-Service Management Solution (eESS)

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Verified & Validated

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Recommended for
SMEs & Enterprises

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Employee Self-Service Management Solution (eESS) / Data Repository Solution (EDRS) is the most efficient way to manage your most valuable assets. EDRS is an online Human Resource Information System that will have a positive impact on your profitability by automating all of your critical HR functions.


Access to employee information coupled with eHR's substantial ad hoc reporting capabilities, enables immediate responses to government, management, and employee requests for information and reports.

Central Repository of Employee Data

A central repository greatly enhances data accuracy and management oversight, which results in reduced administrative costs. EDRS automates tracking and reporting on all employee-related tasks, including:

  • New hire processing
  • Job assignment
  • Employee status
  • Benefits enrollment and administration
  • Emergency contacts
  • Employee history
  • Performance/salary reviews
  • Terminations
  • Visa status tracking


EDRS enables you to access all critical employee information instantly online, and to produce ad hoc queries and reports, supplying HR and managers the power to proactively investigate and monitor trends, and to take corrective action as required.


Complete, accurate, and easily accessible employee data frees your time to focus on core HR issues

EDRS provides seamless access to accurate, up-to-date information on employee data and benefit plan choices. The time required addressing inquiries regarding benefit plans, employee information, and other tactical HR issues are dramatically reduced.

EDRS's built-in Security features support multi-tiered access to data by field; therefore, general managers, payroll, and benefit professionals can access to various levels of employee information as directed by HR. This facilitates the distribution of employee requests across the organization providing fast, interactive responses to all of your employee's needs.


Using an Internet browser, employees can be empowered to view and/or update their personal information, thus reducing the administrative burden on your HR and Payroll departments. EDRS utilizes encrypted passwords to ensure data security and control the level of access for each user.

Intuitive and easy-to-use search functions facilitate rapid report generation

Intuitive and easy-to-use search functions facilitate rapid report generation with an ever-increasing array of reporting requirements, the ability to generate accurate reports in a timely manner is imperative.

EDRS provides quick, easy, online access to accurate employee data to make this a reality. Intuitive, user-friendly, multilevel search capabilities, allow users to define, and save multiple sort fields for future search/reporting needs. Users can choose to display, save and export in a variety of file formats, including Excel.


Flexible search capabilities are a powerful, timesaving tool for generating reports, trend analysis, and continuous improvement. The ability to save queries is a great time-saver, and ensures consistency in reporting.

Quick payback for your investment in EDRS

Automating your companies HR processes with eHR or EDRS will reduce your administrative costs, increase data accuracy, and simplify reporting. The benefits your company will realize include:

  • Improved data integrity due to having a central database for all HR/Benefits information
  • Limiting the need for tedious data entry, improving accuracy
  • Greatly reduced time required to handle employee support calls
  • Less time spent researching answers to employee HR/Benefits questions
  • Streamlined response generation through advanced search/reporting capabilities
  • Automated communication between benefits administration and payroll
  • Increased efficiency of your benefit rollover process



One of the major benefits of the EDRS is the integration with other applications (e.g. HR, financials and payroll).


EDRS is safe and secure. Access to and the ability to edit personal information can be controlled according to corporate data protection regulations, via our role-based security structure.


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