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The business environment today calls for Human Capital Management to spread out well beyond HR basics in order to enable sophisticated, yet easy-to-use workforce related business processes. Human Resource is a key stakeholder in an organization's success. Today organizations must be able to compete in the global economy in order to attract, retain and motivate their talented workforce.

Concurrently, they must maintain regulatory compliance, control costs, and have access to business performance metrics that demonstrate clear ROI. The e-HR Suite helps organizations to achieve the same in very less time. The basic advantages of adopting RSolutions e-HR Suite are as follows:

  • Improved Quality
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Enhance Productivity
  • Reduce Process Time
  • Reduce Administration Cost

eHR Suite


RSolutions e-HR Suite is based on extensive customer feedback, RSolutions own research & Observations, industry best practices and RSolutions own commitment to focused leadership. It is designed to meet customer needs at all levels & caters to the following HR domains.

Self Service

eAttendence & Leave Management

Meeting Room Management

eTravel Management

ePayroll Management

eRecruitment Management

eAppraisal Management

eRequisite Management

eHelpdesk Management

eOrder Management

eLibrary Management

Management System

eDocument Management

eTraining Management

eAsset Management

eCustomer Acquision

e-Employee Self Service

eHR Suite

Over the past few years, companies have begun to recognize the benefits of ESS for accomplishing routine tasks. Web-based ESS installations gained momentum in large organizations throughout the late 1990s as companies sought to reduce costs and improve service to employees, according to the Best Software, Inc. white paper. With the growing usage of IT, it has become very important that our working stay at par with the growing speed & ever changing demands of information technology.

Employee Self Service provides employees the ability to view and perform relevant information & tasks such as;

  • Updating personal Information
  • View leave quota
  • Submit personal leave applications, view approval & calendar
  • Submit time sheets
  • Perform daily Punch in/out

Can Employee Self Service Reduce Support Costs?

  • ESS reduces the process time by transforming the relationship between employees, the HR and payroll departments by making administrative processes disappear.
  • Allows employees to initiate frequent workplace activities such as time entry, vacation requests, and benefits information requests frees up HR and payroll from administering the tasks. This enables these departments to become increasingly strategic for success and a competitive advantage.
  • Developing a Winning e-HR Strategy with Employee Self-Service.
  • By streamlining administrative functions through automation, HR can better define its overall contribution to company initiatives.

eHR Suite

e-Attendence & Leave Management

eHR Suite

Leave Management is one major function in any organization. It is a complex & cumbersome process. When complex leave programs are administered manually, it is costly, leave requests, approvals, remaining leave balances, and enforce leave policies fairly and accurately. Manual methods are error-prone, and could result in leave abuses and costs related to absent staff. It is also time consuming. It may often happen that delay in the approval process may lead to unexcused absence.

RSolutions automated tool for Leave Management

The leave management capabilities provided by Attendance on Demand allow administrators to automatically track and manage a range of employee leave policies in real time. This process streamlines the various leave management tasks performed by supervisors, employees and administrators viz:

  • Making requests
  • Granting approvals
  • Evaluating eligibility
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting leave compensation

eHR Suite

The e-Leave framework helps supervisors to review requests in a timely manner, reduce the costly misuse of leave benefits and limit unauthorized usage; and keep current with employee leave balances. Benefits include:

  • Real Time Processing
  • Automatic Notification
  • Instant access an employee’s leave request history
  • See departmental schedules during the requested time period
  • All pending leave requests for accurate application of policies
  • Easy & cost effective leave management solution
  • Helps in Better Decision Making
  • Supply statistical information about the number of employees scheduled to work and scheduled for absence

e-Meeting Room Management

eHR Suite

There’s nothing more frustrating than showing up for a meeting only to discover someone else is already using the room you thought you had. Next time, don’t get left out in the cold. The RSolutions e-Meeting Room Reservation comes with an automotive way to organize and manage the scheduling of conference rooms, meeting rooms, and office spaces with a vast amount of scheduling options for multiple locations within the company. This makes the scheduling of office spaces, Conference & meeting rooms easy & convenient. Management can generate report to analyze activities, allocate departmental costs and prepare reports accordingly.


Some of the most unique benefits of e-Meeting Room Reservation are that it includes the control and optimal usage of spaces & orderly monitoring of user booking activities. Administrators can also generate reports to track room utilization by person, department, or job title.

The scheduling option by day, week, and month provides variety to choose from. This makes advance scheduling more convenient and user friendly. The major advantages of using this facility are as follows:

  • Instant booking of meeting rooms, conference rooms, studios, and other facilities anytime anywhere.
  • Allows self-service booking by all staff or/and clients to help reduce administration overhead and costs.
  • Reservation visuals for checking and booking reservations, which removes the potential for scheduling conflicts.
  • Create one-time or recurring reservations for quick, time friendly scheduling.
  • Maximize the utilization of corporate assets and services, including meetings rooms, catering services, and equipment.
  • Eliminate reservation confusion and double bookings.
  • Simplify the allocation and administration of shared resources.
  • The entire software has proved to be cost effective and gives greater returns in terms of optimal utilization of the office space & assets.

Working Flow

eHR Suite

e-Travel Management Solution

eHR Suite

RSolutions e-Travel delivers robust travel solution to its customer & makes sure that the needs of the customer are satisfied & is delivering a planned strategic e-travel solution that caters all its customers’ needs in one platform. RSolutions e-Travel Management is one stop solution provider of all its transport / travel requirements be it reimbursement, booking cabs, checking availability, etc. It integrates and streamlines transportation planning, execution, payment, and business process automation on a single application. You can view & manage the entire travel under these heads:

  • Travel/Trip Expense (Dynamic)
  • Local Conveyance Booking System (Dynamic)
  • Petrol Reimbursement (Dynamic)

Solution Components:

  • Manages Travel workflow & Authorization
  • Shares information electronically with target agents
  • Tracts travel cost
  • Electronic travel manager
  • Provide electronic approval
  • Maintain each employee travel info
  • Notify travel agents
  • Reduce indirect cost

Work Flow:

eHR Suite

Effective e-Travel management requires specialist expertise who understands the unique travel patterns and needs. Working closely with RSolutions e-Travel you

e-Payroll Management Solution

eHR Suite

At RSolutions, we understand the importance your organization attaches to resource and time allocation to critical HR functions such as Payroll Management activities. With growing awareness & dependency in technology employees are becoming more aggressive and expect a high level of service and responsiveness from the payroll department. They want accurate information, and they want it fast - preferably digitally.

Any lacuna in the same may increase the dissatisfaction of an employee. As a result, more organizations are considering software-as-a-service as a delivery model for payroll software.

With our expertise in Payroll Management, your organization can gain a timely error free output which is with an extensive range of services that include:

  • Employee Self Service (ESS): Online technology for employees to view salary slip, submit IT declaration, decide FBP, submit query.
  • Online Access to View/Print Salary Slip
  • Automated Attendance, Leave Import/Export Solution
  • Web-based Leave Solution
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Replace Excel to Web-based Processing of Payroll, Reimbursement, F&F, Reports Generation, E-challan Generation etc.

Working Flow

eHR Suite

e-Recruitment Management Solution

eHR Suite

The recruitment industry wastes millions and millions in expensive recruitment process. Companies are today investing huge sum in customized recruitment processes that is both time consuming & costly. This initial outlay can be significantly cut by adopting a truly online recruitment system, as well as slashing on-going costs. Even if you've previously made a substantial investment on traditional server-based software the core benefits of moving to an online recruitment system are just too great to ignore.

RSolutions e-Recruitment solution is one of the most cost effective recruitment solution designed for all types of industry be it small, medium or big. Organizations save on their huge investment cost in recruiting human resource by optimizing & streamlining their entire recruitment process. And if those dramatic savings in capital and running costs aren't enough, an online recruitment system also gives a previously unavailable ability to access, collate and manage data that can produce a quantum leap in productivity without the need for heavy-duty investment in evermore powerful servers and a connecting infrastructure.

RSolutions e-Recruitment includes talent acquisition and retention. Keeping in view employee growth & orientation, this module streamlines internal and external candidates for new job openings & caters to the following processes:

  • Posting new Job openings
  • Priming in house talent pool
  • External job applications
  • Filter based on JD
  • Email configuration
  • Employee referral scheme
  • Employee orientation

eHR Suite

Appraisal Management Solution

eHR Suite

Appraisals are a very important and crucial component of employee assessment & motivation. It’s never been easier to transform the performance review cycle from a painful administrative burden to a collaborative, ongoing and strategic process. One that helps you build a high-performance culture where employees are aligned, inspired and focused on delivering exceptional results.

RSolutions e-Appraisal Management system helps organizations recognize the right talent and acknowledge their efforts in the right way so as to bring harmony in the system & increase employee performance in the right way.

With this facility at your finger tip the organizations can now ensure their employees get the continuous feedback, direction and training they need to be engaged in performing high. Every member of your workforce gets to better understand what’s expected of them, see how they’re helping the organization succeed, make their contributions more visible, and take charge of their own career development. Also making managers tackle these previously dreaded responsibilities with ease.

eHR Suite


  • Prevent data loss or misplaced documents
  • Less Complicated
  • Save storage space
  • Retrieval made easier
  • Summary View

Working Flow

eHR Suite

RSolutions e-Appraisal is one of the most transparent & easy to access tool that can be utilized by a variety of industries. Apart from being cost effective this also gives companies value for money. Companies can purchase this on a per employee basis and need not spend a huge sum for purchasing the entire software. The companies also save a lot on the maintenance cost & support cost which makes the entire software a huge success.

Requisite Management Solution

eHR Suite

RSolutions e-Requisite offers you software solution to manage your requirements for effective project delivery. Teams can document and share their requirements using familiar document-based method, take approval from concerned authority and lay out a total requirement & distribution sheet. The tool can improve communication and requirements management, increase quality and speed time to market. It is an easy-to-use tool that helps you:

  • Avoid rework and duplication
  • Manage complexity with detailed traceability
  • Improve collaboration for geographically distributed teams
  • Capture and analyze requirements
  • Increase productivity
  • Align business goals and objectives with project deliverables

Purchase Requisition

It allows users to make purchase requisition for any company items or assets that require approval from the management. The request will be routed to the Manager for approval followed by Finance and if above a certain amount requires further approval. This can be handled to create a purchase requisition where approval from supervisors is necessary.

The record then exits the workflow process for the purchase requisition.

eHR Suite

Service Request

: A workflow process can be created to handle service requests. An enterprise uses the software for service desk functions. We have designed a workflow process that guides a service desk agent through the initial steps of the record management process.


eHR Suite

Helpdesk Management Solution

eHR Suite

RSolutions e-Help desk is one of the simplest to use & gives very good returns. It is a systemic process that follows the Four C process, viz:

  • Connect with customer
  • Create a problem statement
  • Construct a solution
  • Close the interaction

Process Flow

eHR Suite

The above fig shows how the process flows and the entire thing can be handled by a single Desk Executive, who in extreme case may escalate the issue to concerned department.

This solution helps keep you customers satisfied & happy leading to more business and increased business profit.

Order Management Solution

eHR Suite

The RSolutions e-Order management Solution helps to bring together all aspects of your e-commerce fulfillment into one highly efficient operating platform. It acts as a scalable solution to leverage retail stores and inventory to improve customer service maximize efficiencies. Starting from providing a complete visibility into sales to automation task involved with each order, this helps to reduce cost & facilitates higher sales volume. The benefits of using this solution are enormous.

  • Automated order workflows
  • Buy / Return / Receive anywhere
  • Unified retail channels
  • Efficient warehouse and fulfillment automation
  • Increase in in-store traffic and revenue
  • Better utilization of retail stock

Process Flow

eHR Suite

Our Order Management Solution Includes

  • Order Orchestration
  • Distributed Order Management
  • Store Fulfillment
  • Intelligent Inventory
  • Call Center & Sales Support
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehouse Fulfillment
  • Real-Time Reporting

Customer Relationship Management Solution

eHR Suite

RSolutions e-Customer Relationship Management helps customers to understand Cross Channel Customer. Retailers leverage our built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to aggregate customer order information, preferences and shopping behaviour into a single repository to drive new levels of loyalty and profitability. Managers and sales associates are able to segment customers and use email marketing campaigns to target their most loyal and valuable shoppers. The CRM tool seamlessly integrates across all customer touch point.


There are significant business benefits which accrue from an effective, integrated Customer Relationship Management approach. These include:

  • Reduced costs (ie., effective and efficient operation)
  • Increased customer satisfaction (at times exceeding expectations)
  • Better Customer Retention ( i.e. getting repeat business)
  • Increased customer base
  • Maximisation of opportunities (eg., increased services, referrals, etc.)
  • Increased access to a source of market and competitor information
  • Highlighting poor operational processes
  • Long term profitability and sustainability
  • Long term profitability and sustainability

Library Management Solution

eHR Suite

The library management system (LMS) provides the core functionality for running a library including acquisitions, cataloging, and circulation functions. Supporting the LMS requires managing all of these different software components. Advancements in software technologies and, especially, Internet technologies have created more sophisticated systems, and more demanding users. Therefore, the people managing library software systems also need to be more sophisticated. When properly administered, these complex and robust systems provide libraries opportunities to creatively mash-up solutions that greatly improve the experience for the client as well as staff.


This white paper identifies the key benefits of sharing a library system in the context of today’s technological environment. The benefits include:

  • Cost savings
  • Improved resource-sharing opportunities
  • Providing a higher quality system staff
  • Better bibliographic control
  • Streamlining library workflows
  • Optimizing the client experience
  • Eliminating routing slips and pre-sorting
  • Adding value to the consortial affiliation.

Process Flow

eHR Suite


eHR Suite

Reimbursement is an act of compensating someone for an expense. Often, a person is reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses when he/ she incurs those expenses through employment or on account of carrying out the duties for the organization.

Types of Reimbursement claims Reimbursement Claims

  • Medical
  • LTA
  • Mobile reimbursement
  • Internet reimbursement etc

Reimbursement Claims

  • Reimbursement components are monthly or annual
  • Admin’s can add Reimbursement Claims from the ‘Admin Login’ on behalf of the employee
  • Employees can add Reimbursement Claims
  • Reimbursement components can be configured and structured based on company policies

Process Reimbursement Claims

  • Actual Expense incurred Claim raised by the employee along with copy of bills/tickets.
  • Claim reviewed by the reviewer.
  • Approved/rejected/ put on hold and remarks updated.
  • If approved, money gets credited to Employee’s a/c. Process of Expense Claim

Various heads of reimbursement

Reimbursement claims can be user defined as part of the compensation – viz: Mobile, Conveyance, LTA, Vehicle running expenses, Medical expenses etc.


  • Reduced cycle time for reimbursements!
  • Allows for electronic documentation and approvals
  • No hard copy vouchers/expense reports, receipts, signatures, and checks
  • Enables use of mobile technology

Document Management System

eHR Suite

Documents, whether electronic or paper, are an essential component of just about any enterprise. Managing business information, sometimes from several sources, can be a challenging task. Depending on the nature of your company, a document management system (DMS) that captures, stores, and retrieves both paper and electronic documents can offer multiple key benefits to your organization.

Reduced Storage space & reduced data loss

This software helps in reducing the storage space to many folds & also saves on the depreciation cost.

Flexible Retrieval & Indexing

Less time is spent locating the documents as they can be retrieved without leaving a desk. Indexing can be easily done too, which helps to retrieve data quickly & conveniently.

Controlled and Improved Document distribution

This provides a cost saving by reducing the overheads associated with paper based document distribution, such as printing and postage and removes the typical delay associated with providing hard copy information.

Digital Archiving

Keeping archival versions of documents helps protect paper documents, retain info & from over-handling.

Conservation of Intellectual Capital

The locality of information is not locked away in the 'heads' of specific individuals anymore and can be easily shared across departments and physical locations increasing the value of that information to the organization.


  • Reduced Storage Space
  • Enhanced Security
  • Improved Regulatory Compliance
  • Easier Retrieval
  • Better Collaboration
  • Better Backup and Disaster Recovery and the "Intangibles"

Training Management System

eHR Suite

The digitization happening across industries, necessitates a smart learning platform. RSolutions provides a reliable, secure, flexible, and scalable solution for the continuous corporate training needs of an organization. Be it new hire induction training, product or process training, new product launch, continuous training assessments, audits, surveys, feedback, continuous employee engagement, live virtual training, e-TRAINING MANAGEMENT is your smart learning management system (LMS).

Anywhere, Anytime Learning

Learning Management Systems allows companies and trainers to manage training programs by uploading all their training material to a central location.

Easily create and conduct online tests

Many Learning Management Systems come bundled with advanced quiz & test making tools, enabling instructors to easily gauge learning levels, automate grading, set up a certification processes, and much more.

Save Time

By using the LMS to create and conduct training programs, companies and instructors save hours of time from the traditional method of delivery.

Save Money

Companies and instructors save money by using virtual classrooms.

Easy Schedule Training For A Mobile Workforce

It allows companies to easily schedule training for their staff on multiple shifts and lower their operating costs.


  • To raise efficiency and productivity of employees
  • To create capable and loyal employees
  • Opportunities of growth and self-development
  • Meet changing demands and challenges

The Training Process

  • Organizational objectives and strategies
  • Assessment of training needs
  • Establishment of training goals
  • Devising training programs
  • Implementation of training programs
  • Evaluation of results

Asset Management System

eHR Suite

Asset Management is not new. People have been managing assets for thousands of years. What has changed, however, is the cumulative recognition that good Asset Management involves optimizing (within any absolute constraints) the mix of cost, risk and performance over whole asset life.

Easy to import data

The Software helps to easily import & retrieve data from the data bank.

Easy to customize reports

Regular & timely high level reports can be generated in no time.

Cost Efficient

Reduce costs by preventing buying excess equipment or replacing lost equipment.

Improve operational efficiency

By having visibility to your enterprise equipment and assets all the time the operational efficiency can be increased.

Reduced risk

Reduce enterprise risks by meeting reporting requirements from government, contracting organizations, and grant administrators.

Key Features

  • Asset Request from Employees
  • Asset Request Approval & Workflow
  • Purchase Order to Vendor
  • Asset Receipt
  • Asset Allocation
  • Asset Movement / Stock Transfer
  • Asset Warranty & AMC Tracking (In-case of IT Assets)
  • Asset Write-Off
  • Asset Sell (Asset Disposal)
  • Leased Assets (Customer / Internal)
  • Reports
  • Depreciation

Customer Acquisition

eHR Suite

e-CUSTOMER ACQUISITION is concerned with the creation, development and enhancement of individualized customer relationships with carefully targeted customers and customer groups resulting in maximizing their total customer life-time value.

Acquire prospects

Attract more qualified prospects to your Web site.

Optimize digital marketing

Optimize Internet marketing and digital advertising and get better results.

Cost Effective

Save costs by defining strategies that are suited to specific customer profiles.

Design Marketing Initiatives

Define evolving marketing initiatives that will drive quick yet long-lasting results.

Attract new customers

This can be done by leveraging new and innovative advertising channels.

Social media optimization

Generate publicity through social media, online communities and community Web sites.


Customize your site for individual users, and enhance your online marketing campaigns with personalized content.

Strategically significant customers

  • Customer relationship management focuses on strategically significant markets. Not all customers are equally important.
  • Therefore, relationships should be built with customers that are likely to provide value for services.
  • Building relationships with customers that will provide little value could result in a loss of time, staff and financial resources

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