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Performance Appraisal Management Solution (eAppraisal)

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Recommended for
SMEs & Enterprises

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eAppraisal, Performance Appraisal Management is the function of HRMS. Increased competition, changing technology, and process re-engineering have changed the traditional employee practice and capability.

To meet such demands, organizations and businesses are relying on communications technology to monitor and improve employee performance and productivity. The challenge for most organizations is that the use of technology to drive human performance is relatively new and not well understood.

eAppraisal, Performance Appraisal Management, a web-based tool, has been designed to make your performance reviews easier than ever. eAppraisal, Performance Appraisal Management places effective where it belongs in the hands of managers. The goals of the organization are linked to the balanced scorecard elements giving the organization an overall view of performance with drill down capability to departments, sub departments and individuals.

It's very well said that a good performance management system works towards the improvement of the overall organizational performance by managing the performances of teams and individuals for ensuring the achievement of the overall organizational ambitions and goals.

Process Flow



The performance appraisal management effectively supports key executives and operational management by providing timely and relevant information from both within and outside the enterprise.

Applications for performance managers include:

  • Corporate performance measurement.
  • Performance tracking and reporting.
  • External benchmarking.
  • Coordination of internal improvement initiatives/ benefit tracking.
  • Best practice sharing/ acquisition.
  • Knowledge management.

Features or Characteristics of Effective e-PAMS

  • Clarity of organizational goals
  • Evaluation
  • Cooperation but not control
  • Self-management teams
  • Leadership development
  • System of feedback

An effective e-PAMS manages the performance in an organization by:

  • Ensuring that the employees understand the importance of their contributions to the organizational goals and objectives.
  • Ensuring each employee understands what is expected from them and equally ascertaining whether the employees possess the required skills and support for fulfilling such expectations.
  • Ensuring proper aligning or linking of objectives and facilitating effective communication throughout the organization.
  • Facilitating a cordial and a harmonious relationship between an individual employee and the manager based on trust and empowerment.

ePAMS practices can have a positive influence on the job satisfaction and employee loyalty by:

  • Regularly providing open and transparent job feedbacks to the employees.
  • Establishing a clear linkage between performance and compensation.
  • Providing ample learning and development opportunities by representing the employees in leadership development programs, etc.
  • Evaluating performance and distributing incentives and rewards on a fair and equated basis.
  • Establishing clear performance objectives by facilitating an open communication and a joint dialogue.
  • Recognizing and rewarding good performance in an organization.
  • Providing maximum opportunities for career growth.


Additional Key Features

  • Complete Dynamic, configurable and database driven
  • Individual appraisal form for staff & manager
  • HR can configure the evaluation criteria for both staff and managers at any level
  • 3-Layered Review Process Workflow
  • Complete Control on process by HR Department
  • Appraisal is done in a transparent manner, each level in review process can see the details at any level
  • Reporting Services integrated that helps in understanding and reviewing data at different levels


An effectively implemented eAppraisal - Performance Appraisal Management system can benefit the organization in several ways

It improves organizational performance, employee retention and loyalty, improved productivity, overcoming the barriers to communication, clear accountabilities, and cost advantages.

An effectively implemented eAppraisal - Performance Appraisal Management system can benefit the managers in several ways

The managers receive instant feedback on performance with drill down to individual employee performance. With this there is no need to rewrite performance contracts each year.

Simply you could upload and edit from a previous period and then, development the needs emanating from performance discussions would be automatically fed into the individual development plan.

An effectively implemented eAppraisal - Performance Appraisal Management system can benefit the Employees in several ways

Clarifies expectations of the employees, self assessment opportunities clarifies the job accountabilities and contributes to improved performance, clearly defines career paths and promotes job satisfaction.

Importance & Usage

Importance of Performance Appraisal

  • Performance appraisal has been considered as the most significant tool for an organization.
  • It provides information which is highly useful in making decisions regarding various aspects such as promotions and merit rating.
  • It is helpful in preventing grievances because it is a definite aid to management in promoting fairness to employees.

Use of Performance Appraisal System

  • Dismissal from work
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Compensation adjustments
  • Promotions/demotions
  • Career progression & Training opportunities
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Identifying strengths/weaknesses




Facilitate the process of writing reviews

All the reviews and reports would be created automatically based on the defined criteria and for the partially automated approaches, the forms and questions are ready to be filled on incumbent’s PCs by some clicks which brings facilitation.


Greater span of control

Especially about the completely automated methods the number of subordinates monitored by a manager would increase.


More and cheaper feedback during a year

By utilizing technology the process of performance appraisal would not be that time-consuming and expensive to be executed only once a year. So it could be periodically generated and provide more feedback.

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