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Local Conveyance Management Solution (eConveyance)

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Verified & Validated

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Recommended for
SMEs & Enterprises

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eConveyance is an online booking system used by companies to manage their employees' booking of their day-to-day usage and outstation travel with a approval workflow built-in. The online booking system allow in-house travel desk to accept cab bookings online and better manage the bookings by streamlines transportation planning, execution, payment, and business process automation in a single application.

Cab booking services and applications has become a crucial mode of transportation across many countries. The cab booking industry is rapidly evolving as an essential market today.




eConveyance, web based integrated Transportation Management System is a full-fledged innovative and robust software that improves efficiency of the processes, enhances employee Transportation visibility and delivery excellence. eConveyance facilitates increased accountability , transparency and helps discover hidden costs in the employee transportation processes.


Corporate mass transportation is continually facing multiple challenges in workforce-intensive operations


Transport Desk experts work 24/7 to provide high level of safe, efficient solutions for optimizing operations


eConveyance meets the clients demand for mobility, augments operational efficiency and lower operational costs


Corporate people or employees essentially face two challenges when it comes booking a cab service, which is, delay and security.


In order to facilitate security and ensure that the corporate employees' time is saved is a massive challenge for cab booking service companies.


To bring a solution to this day to day problem of the corporate world, RSolutions introduced a cloud-based eConveyance for the working people. It is the best solution that offers online booking and service in the corporate market where time and security of employees are major concerns. This system makes corporate transportation easy and hassle free. Whether it is about dropping off an employee to an airport, booking a ride for a client, arranging pick up and drop off facility for employees or visiting various business partners, this solution offers and ensures a great experience for the employees in your organization. It efficiently manages all the travel needs of the employees and the business on the whole without letting you worry about your employee's transportation.


Great Asset of Corporate eConveyance Solution

  • It provides functionality to make own bookings
  • It provides functionality to approve and manage bookings
  • It provides functionality to travel desk for manage bookings effectively
  • It provides functionality to cabbie to create trip sheets based on requests and automatically send to the requesters
  • It provides functionality to automate allocation of cost to business units
  • Reports & history tracking
  • Admin can manage the user information using their existing system
  • Receive instant alerts through SMS or e-mail
  • The admin can see the complete list of trips made by individual cabbie, user travel information and driver information by day / weekly wise
  • All the activities can be managed through admin dashboard


Key Features


Tracking of vehicle and employees


Private Messaging system for better communication


Requests & Approval


Cab allocation and booking


Trip Sheet


Usage & Billing


Allocation of Billing to Business Units


Tracking and Reporting Services

Key Benefits

Point to Point travel

Allows employees to travel conveniently within the city

Outstation business trips

Let the employees travel for site visits, an upcountry tour or factory visits. The solution can allow employees to travel anywhere even for off-sites

Executive rental solution

Allows businesses to book custom rides with multi-stop and wait for options. This is ideal for employees visiting various clients in a single ride

Employee pick up and drop service

Arranges convenient daily commute facility for employees traveling alone, through a fixed route or with a group of colleagues.

Events and Bulk booking

Helps to manage group cab bookings, client and/or guest pickup, or a road travel requirement in bulk during business conferences, events, and celebrations

Low costs

Employees pay only for the distance traveled. With a flexible and point to point billing solution, the user can pay only for the distance that the employee has actually traveled during the ride. This reduces the cost of employee transportation up to thirty percent as compared to the traditional means of transport.

Time saving

The solution enables hassle free expense reporting to help you avoid manual bills and receipts. The employee need not worry about keeping or tracking the receipts. The transporter generates the receipts business-wise and send them to the businesses for processing along with a consolidated ride summary.

Flexible billing

eConveyance offers payment methods which allow direct billing to the company on a periodic basis.

Convenient booking

The convenient booking feature allows booking a ride from anywhere for themselves. The centralized booking officer can also book rides for your employees as well as for guests


The system tracks each business ride and provides insights into your employees’ travel. It then sends an extensive report about the travel allowing you to control the travel spends and optimize the travel plan.


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