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The Indian Automobile Industry


  • In 2019 India sold over 21 billion passenger cars making it the second fastest growing automobile market in the world.
  • India's passenger car segment is among the largest and fastest growing in the world.
  • The Indian Auto Expo 2020 witnessed the largest overseas participation of auto brands across countries and a turnout of millions' people.
  • This indicates a phenomenal increase in consumer demand as well as rise in the number of players entering the Indian market.


The Indian Internet User

Internet Usage in India

  • 564.5 million are active internet users in India
    • Active internet users are those users who have accessed it at least once in a month
  • 87% of these are regular users and 100% are daily users
  • 70% of all internet users belong to an online community
  • 1 out of 4 users access internet on their mobile devices


Profile of Indian Internet Users

  • Over half of internet users are 'employed', half of whom are 'corporate employees'
  • '25-35 years' forms the 'single' largest age group among internet users
  • Their 'average' claimed monthly family income is '3 times' the national average of at least 2 times higher ownership levels for the more 'evolved' modern day assets


Indian Internet Users Online Buying Behavior

  • Online buyers base has grown tremendously to 330 million
  • 40% online shoppers 'bought' online (+18% points over last year) - indicates that mere 'window shoppers' are giving way to the 'serious' buying - intending shoppers online
  • 3/4th of internet users have 'responded' to some kind of 'marketing stimulus' when online


Online Automobile Market

Indian Car Brands Online

  • Online buyers base has grown tremendously to 330 million
  • 40% online shoppers 'bought' online (+18% points over last year) - indicates that mere 'window shoppers' are giving way to the 'serious' buying - intending shoppers online
  • 3/4th of internet users have 'responded' to some kind of 'marketing stimulus' when online
  • Maruti claims to have sold over 1,00,000 cars originating from digital executions last year.
  • Tata Motors' website received million hits and generated large no. of customer bookings online.
  • It is also claimed that internet is responsible for driving over 25% of Honda's total sales in India.
  • Pegged at Rs. 61,878 crore ($8.76 billion) in 2018, the Indian advertising market is estimated to grow with a CAGR of 10.62 per cent till 2021, to reach a market size of Rs. 85,250 crore ($12.06 billion)... This year, digital advertising will cross the $2 billion mark in India, in actual money spent by clients.


Indian Car Buyers Online Behavior

  • 72% of customers intending to purchase a car prefer to use internet to gather relevant information about their choice.
    • Only 44% rely on dealers for information
    • 25% rely on both internet and dealers
    • Only 52% rely on Magazines (Print) and a mere 26% rely on TV.
  • Customers intending to purchase a car rely heavily on internet for Vehicle Specification, Safety Features and Brand Image over other offline sources
  • 62% of customers indicated they have shared an auto related experience/opinion online.
    • 54% of these shared a positive experience
  • 53% of customers use social forums to communicate experiences and opinions
    • 83% indicated that they were likely to use an online automotive community to find and share car related news

Inside the Mind of the 'Wired' Car Buyer
- Webchutney

The Web Showroom

Internet and Mobile Growth

  • Internet is estimated to cross 565 million users by 2020
  • Broadband service is expected to see 500% growth
  • India already has over 346.2 million Facebook users and that number is growing at more than 100%
  • With the launch of 4G networks and 5G to be auctioned later this year and increasing adaptation of smart phones, mobile internet usage will increase tremendously

Decision Making and Technology

  • Ever growing number of cars available makes it impossible to visit every showroom - Over 100 cars to be launched in India in 2020 & 2021
  • Increased rate in the spread of internet and new technology
  • Automobiles lead all other product categories in terms of number of search queries on Google Search
  • Customers rely on and trust peers and family more than dealers and advertisements
  • Most customers who walk into a showroom are already informed and do not rely on salesmen for much other than a test drive and a general feel of the car
  • Emergence of social media and dependence on online peers for buying advice and opinions


The Web Showroom Idea

  • One point for all car information and contact needs
  • Make the buying process simplified and swift
  • Create a two way sustainable communication channel between the dealer and the customers
  • Have a showroom in every home and soon every persons pocket
  • Decrease the cost of acquiring a customer / lead
  • Have a more accurate understanding of customer acquisition spends
  • Introduction Video (Flash)
  • Company Information
  • View products, specifications and features
  • View pre-owned cars in stock along with image of the specific car
  • Car comparison between all models and variants
  • Read professional and user reviews, and watch video reviews
  • View how vehicles look in different colours available
  • Download e-brochure
  • Schemes and Offers running for each model and variant
  • Commercials and videos on each page relevant to page being viewed
  • Pricelist and EMI calculation
  • Accessories and Quotation Request (with details of each accessory specific to particular model along with image)
  • Make a sales enquiry
  • Book a test drive (with pick up option)
  • Car valuation Request
  • Rate a car (can view how other owners have rated a car)
  • Insurance and Warranty information
  • Insurance and Warranty Renewal Request
  • View service charges and extra treatments, offerings, etc.
  • Book car service (with pick up and drop option)
  • Request car service history
  • Dealership location and contact information along with Google Maps link (includes work timings)
  • Dealership gallery
  • Service, sales and website feedback forms online
  • Car care manuals and tips
  • Advertisement and special offer banners
  • Message board (Birthday and Anniversary Wishes)
  • One vertical ticker and one horizontal ticker (for news and updates)
  • Customer Login (Once registered, contact information on forms get automatically filled in)
  • Testimonials & Chat (With Sales / Service)
  • Contact us enquiry
  • Downloadable content (Car wallpapers, videos, etc.)
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Job openings & Recommend site to a friend
  • Social Media Links (Facebook Page, Orkut Community, Twitter, Blogspot, YouTube Channel)
  • Quick links to key forms and options

Web Showroom Backend Features

SMS and Email alerts for all types of requests (Sales Enquiry, Test Drive, Quotation, Accessories, Valuation, Service Booking, Service History, Insurance Renewal, Extended Service Warranty) sent immediately to the respective department.

Add and edit banners (advertisments, offers, notices)

  • Can be image or text along the bottom, top or side of the page
  • Can be linked to more information
  • Can be set to run for a particular period of time
  • Can be set to display only on specific pages

Add reviews and videos

  • Allows for videos to be added only to specific pages

Create different levels of administrative accounts to restrict level of access and distribute web showroom responsibilities (Customer support, Service Management, Sales Management, HR Management, Pre-Owned Cars, etc.)


Send anniversary, greeting and birthday cards to customers (Once customer details are filled in, there will be a greetings message automatically generated on the message board on their birthday/ anniversary)

Add and edit test drive schedule

  • Can block test drive slots in schedule for which test drives have already been booked so that they do not show to other customers

View list of people who have registered to the web showroom along with detailed information

Add and edit messages, headlines, news etc.

  • Can be set to run for a particular period of time

Add and edit products - Make, model, variant along with features, specifications, images for both new and pre-owned cars


Additional Features

  • View list of people who have registered to the web showroom along with detailed information
  • View request summaries by type of request with detailed information
  • View request summaries over a specific time period to check traction
  • Add and edit service charges
  • Add and edit accessories list
  • View registered users activity report
  • Add and edit rate of interest
  • Add and edit free camp information and images
  • Add and edit testimonials
  • Add and edit pricelists
  • Add and edit job openings
  • Add and edit accessories lists
  • Add and edit special offers and schemes
  • Add and edit locations and contact information
  • Add and edit FAQs & Create and send HTML newsletters


Home Page

  • View all products
  • Chat with showroom / service
  • Social Media links and customer speak
  • Promotional banners


Location Selection Page

  • View Location Image
  • View address and contact numbers
  • View Work timings
  • View location on Google Maps


Product Selection Page

  • Select a car
  • View brief overview
  • Go to specific product page


Product Overview Page

  • View product related video reviews and commercials
  • View product model/ variant pricing and calculate product Equated Monthly Installments scheme (EMI)


Interior Features Page

  • View key features description along with images


Color Select Page

  • See different models in all the available color options


Test Drive Form and Quick Links Menu

  • Test Drive Form
  • SMS and Email alert sent to salesman
  • Test Drive request and contact details of customer saved on web showroom
  • Quick Links Menu on the right


Equated Monthly Interest (EMI) Calculator Page

  • Choose model/ variant and view price
  • Choose principal amount and interest rate
  • Send EMI request form with specified preferences


Add/Edit Banner

  • Set from when to when banner will appear
  • On which page and where on the page it will appear
  • Upload and preview banner


View Test Drive Request

  • See a summary of test drive requests made on the web showroom
  • View customer contact and request details
  • Approve the request and assign sales person to customers


View Request Summary Page

  • See a summary of all requests made on the web showroom
  • Click to view in depth details of each request type and each specific request


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