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SMEs & Enterprises

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What is MRP?

  • Computerized Inventory Control
  • Production Planning System
  • Management Information System
  • Manufacturing Control System


When to use MRP?

  • Job Shop Production
  • Complex Products
  • Assemble-to-Order Environments
  • Discrete and Dependent Demand Items


What can MRP do?

  • Reduce Purchasing Cost
  • Improve Production Schedules
  • Reduce Manufacturing Cost
  • Reduce Lead Times
  • Less Scrap and Rework
  • Higher Production Quality
  • Reduce Inventory Levels
  • Reduce Component Shortages
  • Improve Shipping Performance
  • Improve Customer Service
  • Improve Productivity
  • Simplified and Accurate Scheduling
  • Improve Communication
  • Improve Plant Efficiency
  • Reduce Freight Cost
  • Reduction in Excess Inventory
  • Reduce Overtime
  • Improve Supply Schedules
  • Improve Calculation of Material Requirements
  • Improve Competitive Position



Three Basic Steps of MRP

  • Identifying Requirements
  • Running MRP - Creating the Suggestions
  • Firming the Suggestions


Identifying the Requirements

  • Quantity on Hand
  • Quantity on Open Purchase Order
  • Quantity in/or Planned for Manufacturing
  • Quantity Committed to Existing Orders
  • Quantity Forecasted


Important Information MRP is...

  • Company Sensitive
  • Location Sensitive
  • Date Sensitive


Firming the Suggestions

  • Manufacturing Orders
  • Purchasing Orders
  • Various Reports




MRP Inputs

  • Product Structure File
  • Master Production Schedule
  • Inventory Master File

Master Production Schedule

  • Schedule of Finished Products
  • Represents Production, not Demand
  • Combination of Customer Orders and Demand Forecasts
  • What Needs to be Produced

Inventory Master File

  • On-Hand Quantities
  • On-Order Quantities
  • Lot Sizes
  • Safety Stock
  • Lead Time
  • Past-Usage Figures


Terms Defined

  • Item - name or number for the item being scheduled
  • Low-Level Code - the lowest level of the item on the product structure file
  • Lot Size - order multiples of quantity
  • Lead Time - the time from when an order is placed to when it is received
  • PD - Past Due Time Bucket, orders behind schedule
  • Gross Requirements - demand for an item by time period
  • Scheduled Receipts - material already ordered
  • Projected on Hand - expected ending inventory
  • Net Requirements - number of items to be provided and when
  • Planned Order Receipts - net requirements adjusted for lot size
  • Planned Order Releases - planned order receipts offset for lead times

MRP Outputs

  • Manufacturing Orders
  • Purchasing Orders
  • Various Reports



Benefits of Using MRP Systems for Manufacturing Businesses


Inventory control

Inventory management is crucial to realizing manufacturing efficiency. MRP systems work with data from the production schedule to determine the exact level and cost of inventory required to meet the demand. MRP systems maintain an optimum inventory level of both parts and materials, reducing the inventory carrying costs.


Purchase planning

Streamlining the production process is also heavily dependent on knowing what is available, what to buy and when to buy. Purchase planning requires a smart system to track the production steps and identify any needed purchases while counter-checking with the production schedule and expected material deliveries.


Production planning

MRP systems detect bottlenecks in the production line caused by scarcity or a reduction of material. When this happens, the system can reroute production or recommend a reroute to the production of a different product where materials are available. MRPs can also focus efforts in a particular production stage at the expense of another stage deficient of raw materials and parts.


Work scheduling

Work scheduling manages active production time, predicting the expected yield and the adherence to the production schedule. MRPs paint the larger picture of the production process using the available inventory. Managers' can use this information to control hourly operations, equipment and labor tasks, and even accurately predict labor time and operational costs.


Resource management

Raw materials are the lifeblood of any manufacturing process. Having control and ready information about the raw materials' availability and expected yield also gives the manufacturer an idea of other resources to engage in the process. Efficiency here is key. Information from the MRP system tells the manufacturer what equipment is required at what time and when extra labor is needed, as well as whether to hire or buy operational assets.


Data management and documentation

Manufacturing involves the generation, analysis and presentation of a tremendous amount of data. MRP systems assist manufacturers in handling this information. MRPs process and document purchase data, inventory data, deliveries and cash flow data into receipts, invoices, lists, reports, and other easily structured presentations.


Economic purchasing

The system takes into account the quantity and cost of materials needed - including the cost of shipping, storage, and carrying - to come up with the most economically viable purchase to satisfy demand. MRP systems economically optimize purchases with high precision, saving the manufacturer the cost of unnecessary purchases.


Time Saving

MRP systems are fully automated and require little human intervention. This saves a great deal of labor time otherwise used to do inventory, purchases, and production management. The level of accuracy in these systems is far beyond any error-prone human method. It also manages and stores production data, which eliminates the need for entire departments.

Master Modules

Setup Modules

  • Company Profile
  • User Rights
  • Official Set
  • Official Approval
  • Approve Password
  • Change Password
  • Reminder Notes Diary


Master Modules

  • Item Master
    • General Details
    • Costing Details
  • Item Type
  • Bill of Material
    • Parent
    • Part
    • Kit
  • Employee
  • Suppliers / Vendor Management
  • Customer
  • Consignee
  • Price
  • Automate Description
  • Miscellaneous
    • Costing Others
    • Child
    • Unit
    • Payment Terms
    • Shipping Instructions
    • Sales Tax
    • Transport Mode
    • Godowns
    • Additional Operations
    • Tax Master
    • Payment Mode
    • Plating Formula
  • Percentage Change


Transaction Modules

  • Customer Enquiry
  • Quotation
  • Customer Order
  • PO for RM
  • Planning - Customer Orders
  • Planning Parts
  • Purchase Order
  • Planning & Work order Generation
  • Work Order
  • Rework Order
  • Amendments
    • Customer Order Amend
    • Purchase Order Amend
    • Work Order Amend
  • GRN
    • Accounts
    • QC
    • Update Stock
    • Direct
  • Ready Slip
  • Dummy Invoice
  • Delivery Challan
  • Invoice
  • Rejection Invoice
  • Accept GRN Goods
  • Payment
  • Excise Amend For PO


Report Modules

  • Stock Reports
  • Customer Wise Order Tracking
  • Stock VS CO
  • Value Addition
  • PO Based
  • Item History Query
  • Excise Duty Reports
  • Picklist Reports
  • Additional Operation
  • Payment Details
  • Activity Log
  • Vendor
  • GRN
  • Machine Configuration
  • Work Order Report
  • Vendor Wise Work Order Details
  • Material Stock Transaction

Print Modules

  • Customer Enquiry
  • Quotation
  • Customer Order
  • Purchase Order
  • Work Order
  • Re-Order
  • GRN
  • Ready Slip
  • Dummy Invoice
  • Delivery Challan
  • Invoice


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