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HR Intranet Solution (eHR Intranet)

Analysis. Solutions. Results.

Verified & Validated Product

Verified & Validated

Recommended for SMEs & Enterprises

Recommended for
SMEs & Enterprises

Help to expand your business

Help to expand your

Perpetual license & SaaS based models

Available in Perpetual license &
SaaS based models


HR services delivered electronically bringing the information to the right people at the right time in the right place to make the right decision, the system can be deployed across different computer platform or devices.

Modern Approach to Human Resource



  • Saving materials and human resources
  • Access to staff info from any place of the world

HR Department

  • Facilitation of Process Management
  • Focus on strategic Issues
  • Minimization of mistakes


  • Self Service
  • Proper Decision Making during Performance Management Considering Employees' skills and Knowledge


  • HR Metrics / Head count
  • Reduce Costs
  • 24/7 'Real Time'
  • Empowerment
  • Global economy
  • Business decisions and communication
  • Data Integrity
  • Data Repository / Knowledge Bank
  • Customer Service
  • Real-time Reporting Service


  • Central location of information
  • Improve employee service
  • Support flexible working
  • Enhance employee relationships
  • Share information
  • e-HR change culture
  • Multi-Location
  • Return on investment
  • Administration
  • Accuracy & Technology

Value Added

Our eHR Intranet offers 'value added' HR services. A significant return on investment (ROI) can be achieved with these systems in less than 2 year.


Login level

01: Administrator / 02: Management / 03: Employee (Access is provided based on type and level.)


Corporate Info

(Static Information. No password is required to view this information.)

  • About Company
  • Mission, Vision & Values
  • Divisions and Departments
  • Locations
  • Services and Products (Static Contents)
  • Organization Structure
  • Infrastructure
  • Contacts and Telephones
  • Business Associates and Partners
  • Featured Links

Policies & Manuals:

(Static Information. No password is required to view this information.)

  • HR Policies
  • Travel Policies
  • IT Policies
  • ISO Policies
  • Quality & Training Manual
  • Standard Operating Procedures and Processes
  • Checklists and Travel Tips
  • Other Internal Policies

Human Resources:

(Information can be both Static and Dynamic . Dynamic section needs user login)

  • Personal HR and Finance Details (Dynamic)
  • Internal Job Openings (Dynamic)
  • Employee Referral Scheme
  • Employee Self Service (ESS) (Dynamic)
  • Employee Orientation
    • Organizational Chart (Link)
    • The Story
    • Induction Video & Presentation
    • Question Bank with Online Dynamic Test


  • Leave Management (Dynamic)
  • Meeting Room Reservation (Dynamic)
  • Training and Seminars (Dynamic)
  • Travel/Trip Expense (Dynamic)
  • Local Conveyance Booking System (Dynamic)
  • IT Declaration (Dynamic)
  • Medical, LTA, Superannuation, Rent Receipts, Petrol, Sodexo Vouchers Reimbursements (Dynamic)
  • Flexi Salary Plan (Dynamic)
  • Helpdesk (Dynamic)
  • Library Management (Dynamic) / Holiday List (Dynamic)

Useful Templates (Links to PDF/XLS/DOC files):

  • Stationery Request Form
  • Travel Request Form
  • Foreign Travel Approval Form
  • Company Lease Agreement Form
  • Invention Disclosure Form
  • Timesheet
  • Other Internal Forms

Useful Links:

  • Awards & Recognitions (Dynamic)
  • Knowledge Sharing / Employee Directory (Dynamic)
  • Discussion Forum / Opinion Polls / Yellow Pages / Blog (Dynamic)
  • Though for the Day / Quote (Dynamic)
  • Achievements / Kaizen Block (Dynamic)
  • Photo Gallery / Voice of Customer (Dynamic)
  • Online Newsletter (Dynamic)
  • And Many Other Useful & Interesting Modules
  • Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.)
  • Dashboard (AI / BI Integrated, Unified Platform connecting, processing & displaying information & data from multiple applications on one platform.)

Technology Platform

eHR Intranet is a DYNAMIC Platform. Platform can handle data for N-Number of Locations & Employees with Highest Level of Security.

  • ASP.NET Complied / HTML5 / DHTML / XML / AJAX / Bootstrap / JQuery / CSS3
  • Image and animation files (.GIF and .JPG)
  • ActiveX Components, Class Files and DLLs (if any)
  • Data Files - MS SQL Server / Higher Version
  • Video Integration or Streaming Videos from YouTube
  • Implement on Shared, Dedicated or Cloud Server
  • License or SaaS Model
  • Fast & Easy Implementation
  • Easy to Use & User-Friendly

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Scalable | Multi-location | Multi-company | Customizable | Mobile friendly | Ready to use & more.

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